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 Truman College Wellness Center

Karen Caldwell-Littleton
Clinical Director

If you are interested in learning more about Wellness Center services or would like to schedule an appointment to speak with a Wellness Center counselor, please email or call our office at 773-907-4786.             


Our Virtual Walk-in hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm & Friday 10am-12pm. To visit our virtual front desk now, please click here to join.          


If you are experiencing a crisis and need immediate help after Wellness Center office hours, please contact one of the community-based mental health providers listed below.      

These Services are Free!                          

·      Healthcare Alternative Systems (HAS)- The Living Room Program                            

      Telephone: (773) 235-5100        Office Hours: Monday-Sunday 1pm-9pm                       

·      Thresholds- Living Room Program                           

       Telephone: (773) 537-3601         Office Hours: Monday-Sunday 2pm-8pm                              

·      Living Room at Turning Point                            

        Telephone: (847) 933-9202        Office Hours: Monday-Friday 12pm-7:15pm    ​                     

      24-Hour Crisis Hotline (847) 933-0051                      

Please continue to check this website for up to date information and ways that we can serve you during these difficult times.                            

Follow us onImage result for instagram logo pngfor updates and virtual events hosted by the Wellness Centers.             



                     Check out the resources below!                            

  • With the State of Illinois’ moratorium on COVID-related evictions ending October 3rd, many chicagoans may be worried about remaining in thier homes because of an inability to pay rent. Please know that the City of Chicago offers renters resources to help them stay safely housed. For more information and resources for renters facing possible eviction, visit or click to view informational flyer​  

  • Are you in need of resources to support Afghans both in and outside the US? Click here to view a list of available resources and information. For additional assistance contact the Truman College Wellness Center. 
  • Need assistance accessing food? The Greater Chicago Food Depository has a new access food map tool. The goal of this new tool is for individuals to find and access food resources quickly and easily, on both a mobil device or a desktop, and to customize search results to find food resources that best fit an individual's needs. Click on the link above to get started.    
  • Green City Market is Chicago's largest and first year-round sustainable farmers market. Green City Market provides a marketplace for purchasing sustainably grown food and connecting farmers and local producers directly to the greater Chicago community. They now welcome Link (also known as SNAP) at all their markets and match customer’s purchases up to $15 per market day, including through our e-commerce market, GCM Delivered.                            

More information is available at Green City Market.                             

Checkout the Green City Market events here.              

  • The Network For Undocumented Scholarship Access is hosting their 4th annual scholarship and financial resource fair on October 13, 2021. Please see the flyer below for information on how to register for this event. 


NUSA Flyer 10.21.jpg                

  Monthly Awareness Events & Workshops                           


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.                   

DV Awareness 2021.png
Help the Wellness Center spread awarnesss on Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence. Please scroll down for a list of workshops that the Wellness Center will offer this month in efforts to spread awareness and to provide resources.      


Mujeres Latinas Spanish DV Workshop.png

Greenlight Healthy Relationships Workshop.png

  Mujeres Latinas DV Workshops Oct.25th.jpg   



            Wellness Center Fall 2021 Events & Workshops          


Please Note: During the Basic Needs (public benefit enrollment) events, students and staff will have the opportunity to speak with an enrollment specialist for SNAP (Linkcard) benefits, learn about health insurance options, childcare services, and additonal resources.           

Fall 2021 Resource Event Dates.jpg  



September 2021                

​                      Date                                 Time                      Event & Clickable Zoom Links​                                     

                   9/8/21                             11am-3pm  ​               Public Benefits Enrollment Event   ​          


                   9/9/21                             12pm-2pm  ​              Free Depression Screenings Event           


                   9/23/21                           11am-3pm  ​               Public Benefits Enrollment Event                      

Transformation Tuesday Group.png

 October 2021                                     

                      Date                                 Time                        Event & Clickable Zoom Links                             

                    10/05/21                          1pm-2pm             Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence       

                                                                                      (Workshop by Mujeres Latinas en Acción)      


                    10/05/21                          2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group       

                                                                                                      (Time Management)       


                    10/13/21                         11am-3pm              Public Benefits Enrollment Event           


                    10/14/21                           1pm-2pm          Violencia de pareja íntima e domestica       

                                                                                         (Taller por Mujeres Latinas en Acción)       


                    10/19/21                          2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group       

                                                                                                 (Sleep and Mental Health)       

 Stress Management Workshop Oct. 27th.jpg


                    10/25/21                       11am-12pm             Domestic & Intimate Partner Violence      

                                                                                         (Workshop by Mujeres Latinas en Acción)   


                    10/27/21                          2pm-3pm                   Stress Management Workshop       


                    10/28/21                         11am-3pm                Public Benefits Enrollment Event              


November 2021                                     

                      Date                                 Time                     Event & Clickable Zoom Links        


                    11/02/21                          2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group       

                                                                                           (The Mind and Body Connection)       


                    11/10/21                         11am-3pm              Public Benefits Enrollment Event          


                    11/16/21                          2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group            

                                                                                                        (Food and Mood)           


                    11/23/21                         11am-3pm               Public Benefits Enrollment Event            


                    11/30/21                          2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group           

                                                                                                     (Time Management)       

December 2021                                     

                      Date                                 Time                   Event & Clickable Zoom Links                             

                    12/2/21                          11am-3pm             Public Benefits Enrollment Event           


                    12/8/21                          11am-3pm             Public Benefits Enrollment Event             


                    12/14/21                        2pm-3pm               Transformation Tuesday Group                   

                                                        (Finals Week Virtual Stress Relief: Meditation and Mindfulness)​       


Additional resources you can access NOW.                        

Food Resources                           

·  To find Food Pantries: Greater Chicago Food Depository​

·       Hunger Hotline/Illinois Hunger Coalition call:  1-800-359-2163  (SE HABLA ESPAÑOL) 

Financial Assistance                                                         
      Help with Bills: provides information about government programs that help with bill payment, temporary assistance, jobs/unemployment, credit, etc. Hotline and website also available in Spanish.​                                                
   Unemployment due to CoVid-19: Illinois Dept. of Employment Security​ and call:                               

Shelter Resources                                      

  • ​If you need shelter:  Call 3-1-1 or go to your local Emergency Room or police station.  They will transport you to the nearest available shelter.                                    
  • For a listing of all homeless or housing insecure services and agencies responding during CoVid - 19 go to: Citywide Homeless Resources
  • If you are experiencing domestic violence and need a safe place to stay, call or text : 877-863-6338​ and they will secure you immediate shelter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.          

Medical Resources         


·        ​If you or a loved one has CoVid-19 symptoms and don't have health insurance:                  How to get medical care when uninsured.pdf   How to get medical care when uninsured.pdf        

·       Healthcare for Undocumented Folks in the time of CoVid-19: United We Dream Website​

Immigrant and Refugee Support

·       Illinois Coalition​ of Immigrant and Refugee Rights:

·       Resource Guide for Immigrants and Refugees:  Guide of all Community Resources​

Online Support 

·       Black-led and Trans-led LGBTQ Center:  On line Counseling Services and Food Pantry​

·       Chicago Department of Public Health Mental Health Centers free Teletherapy: call  312-747-1020.  For after hours support, contact Crisis Text Line which serves anyone, in any type of crisis, 24-hours a day.  Text HOME to: 741741 to access a trained crisis counselor.​

CoVid-19 Information    

National Crisis Hotlines                                   

  •  ​Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-272-8255 (24 Hours)
  • Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741 (24 Hours)
  • SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline: 1-800-985-5990, or text TalkWithUs to 66746 (24 Hours)
  • Self-Harm Hotline: 1-800-366-8288 
  • Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860
  • LGBTQ Trevor Project Lifeline: 866-488-7386, or text START to 678678 (24 Hours) 
  • Veteran Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 ext. 1 (24 Hours)
  • Domestic Violence Support: 1-815-729-1228 (24 Hours) ​    

Get Support at the Wellness Center                                        

Personal counseling

Personal, individual counseling offers a safe place to talk about what's on your mind and to get support to work through life's challenges.                                                                                                         

Support groups

Support groups are offered on different topics relevant to college students such as stress and time management, busy parents, anger management, and veterans issues. Check with your Wellness Center to see what is offered for each term.                                                                                                          

Stress and time management coaching

Being a college student is stressful. Wellness Center staff can help you develop a stress and time management plan and learn other personal organizational skills.                                                                                                        

Connect to Public Benefits & Community Resources

Many students are unaware that they qualify for various public assistance programs such as SNAP, subsidized health insurance, Medicaid, and emergency housing.  The Wellness Center can help you learn more about and how to apply for these and other programs and also assist you in connecting to low- or no-cost community based mental health and social services.                                   
Key Resources                                


Contact our office for assistance with any of these or for additional resources.                              

To make an appointment, call us at (773) 907-4786 or e-mail:                             


Check us out! We’re friendly, non-judgmental, and know what it takes to be successful in college.    


                                      Please do not forget to follow us onImage result for instagram logo png                                





Faculty & Staff

Karen Caldwell-Littleton, LCPC, Clinical Director                                 
Lola Adetola, LCSW, Clinical Counselor           
Marissa Cirilo, LCSW, Clinical Counselor                                                                    
Juliana Gonzalez, LCSW, Part-time, Clinical Counselor​                                                                
Irene Aleman, Coordinator    ​                                                                     

Related Services


Contact Information

(773) 907-4786
(773) 907-4890
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Monday - Thursday: 9:00 - 5:00
Friday: 9:00 - 1:00


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