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 Truman College Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Truman College is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment for our students, faculty, and staff to learn and work in. To that end, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee has established the following priorities to guide its work in creating a campus that is welcoming and respectful of human uniqueness:
  • ​The recognition of the unique experiences and assets of the college community regarding race, ethnicity, ability, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, or any other identifying classifications.
  • Gains for the college as a higher learning institution by creating a culture of support and inclusion for members of different underrepresented groups.
  • Gains for students immersed in a mosaic of social and educational experiences that may translate into the exposure to fields and careers of economic value.
  • Student persistence, academic satisfaction, and academic success.
  • The college's hiring, recruitment, and retention strategies.
  • Integration of social justice issues that impact our students.
Beliefs ​Goals
Diversity among our students, faculty, and staff should be welcomed and celebrated. ​To engage the campus in meaningful dialogue and activities.
​Campus diversity helps promote values of acceptance, teamwork, fellowship, and learning. ​To weave the principles of diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the college.
​All individual people are unique and they deserve encouragement, support, and an opportunity to succeed. ​To identify campus impediments to diversity and inclusion on campus, find solutions to those impediments, and measure our progress.
Truman​ College's campus and staff should reasonably reflect its student population. ​To support Truman College's strategic plan and CCC's Reinvention goals to encourage student success.
Diversity, which celebrates similarities as well as differences, is the combined strength of the abilities, cultures, ethnicities, experience, genders, religions, and talents each of us brings to Harry S Truman College and our supporting policies, such as affirmative action and equal opportunity, which are the cornerstones of any diversity plan.
Truman College's diversity is the hallmark of its community. Diversity, however, is broader than the traditional categories of age, disability, gender, gender identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. It also encompasses socioeconomic status, family background, language, level of academic preparedness, learning style, and even the different communities from which our students, faculty, and staff hail. This richly divergent environment distinguishes us from most colleges across the country.        
Inclusion is appreciating and respecting those distinctive characteristics​ each member of the campus community adds to our institution. Inclusion goes beyond numerical diversity. Real inclusion is the creation of a climate where all feel valued and appreciated, where there is substantive interaction between and among groups, where diverse groups participate in academic and administrative decision making, and barriers to inclusion, whether policy, practice, or systemic, are identified and addressed. This inclusive environment best allows students, faculty, and staff to thrive.        


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