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 Truman Senate Committee

Kate Connor
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
The Senate is the principal governance advisory organization representing the Truman College Community. It makes recommendations to the College President on a broad range of policy issues concerning College matters, with the expectation of a timely response. The Senate operates on principles of shared governance, effective representation of all constituencies, openness and transparency of its structure and operations, mutual trust, and efficiency. The Senate is responsible for disseminating information and providing opportunities for dialogue on significant issues in the College.​                
Senate Meetings take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month when classes are in session.         
If you have items to bring before the senate committee please reach out to your representatives listed below or email Allison Zures if you wish to 

Please see below regarding Truman Senate's updated practice to open the agenda to any speaker from across the College that wants time to speak to the group. Please forward on to anyone you see fit within Truman. Thank you!   


​​​In the spirit of transparency, the Senate is incorporating an open speaker session time during each meeting. The Senate invites members of the Truman community to speak about important issues for two-minutes or less.


To be added to a Truman College Senate agenda as a speaker:   

1)         Before midnight on Wednesday before the next Senate meeting, email Senate Secretary, Allison Zures at with your name and the topic you will be sharing.  


2)        Prepare to speak for no more than 2 minutes.       




Faculty & Staff

​   Truman Senate Members as of 3/3/2021         


Senate Co-Chairs (non-voting)          

Kate Connor            

Erika Littles            

1708 Clerical          

Selma Castile            

Naeema Mahmood           

Annette Ward            

1600 Professional          

Leslie Layman            

Matthew Ciavarella           

Ceasar Miranda           

3506 Adult Educators & Coordinators          

Carlos Aulet ​      




Tobias Bengelsdorf           

Laura Cheatham            

Allison Zures (Secretary)           

CCCLOC Part-time Faculty          

Brent Lowe            

Kenneth Touff           


Full-time Faculty          

Kelly O’Malley            

Dennis Skentzis           

Julie Hanks            

Operations Staff          

Eugene Devine            

Andres Durbak           

Tristin Prince           


Kathy Blancas           

Maria Wollner           

JodyAnn Douglas           


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Contact Information

1145 W. Wilson Ave
Chicago , IL 60640
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Meeting Schedule:

Second Thursday of Each Month


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