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Community Partner resources

Meaningful service to the community interwoven with high-quality classroom instruction benefits students in four different areas. It greatly enhances students' academic skills, fosters a lifelong commitment to civic participation, significantly sharpens the so-called "people skills," and, perhaps most importantly, prepares youth to enter and mesh with what almost surely is the most diversified work force in the history of the world.

Your organization can contribute to these benefits while gaining the service of enthusiastic, committed, and energetic students who are participating in the Service Learning program. Your participation in Service Learning can: 

  • Allow the energy and enthusiasm of college students to contribute toward meeting your organization's educational, human, safety, and environmental needs.
  • Foster an ethic of service and civic participation in students who will be tomorrow's volunteers and civic leaders.
  • Create potential for additional partnerships and collaboration with the campus.

Contact Julie D. Dockery at, phone 773-907-4379 to join our team of community partners.