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Art Programs


Our program offers dynamic courses in DRAWING, PHOTOGRAPHY, PAINTING, AND DIGITAL ART, taught by experienced faculty who are committed to students and their success in their artistic and academic pursuits, have worked in the real world as artists, and actively produce creative work.        


The Associate of Fine Arts is a Studio Art degree that offers courses required for transfer to a four-year college or university for students. It is a 61 credit hour program intended for students who plan to transfer for a Bachelors in Art and students who want to pursue an Associates Degree in a studio art discipline. The AFA is a solid foundation for many art-related careers and allows a student to establish a degree of specialization, even within the 2 year course curriculum.  

Yes! Interested in taking an art class, but you aren’t an art major?  We have many options in art that benefit students with a range of other majors or certificate goals. Classes such as General Drawing, Watercolor Painting, and 2D Design will give students new visual and analytical skills and provide an exciting, creative context for an elective course in their studies. Research has shown that including arts curriculum improves overall rates of student success!     


Truman has strong facilities for students to use in the various studio disciplines. Renovated spaces in the painting/drawing labs and photography labs have provided a great environment for students to produce their work. The ceramics lab is also well equipped for the production of clay-based work.       


The Art Division of the Humanities Department at Truman College continues to be a dynamic environment of creativity and student opportunity.  We have expanded our exhibition sites for Truman students to the Uptown community, and have partnered with the Haitian American Museum of Chicago. Together we have developed an annual student art exhibition and event in the spring, in which paintings produced in the studio art courses at Truman are exhibited in the museum space, and students gain experience in curating, installing, and preparing an exhibition in a non-profit community organization. Student exhibitions of work from the courses are installed each semester on the newly established gallery wall space on the third floor of the main building. ​    
Stephanie Roberts teaches painting, drawing, 2D and 3D design. Professor Roberts has an MFA in Painting and a BFA in Drawing, and is an exhibiting artist who enjoys teaching and sharing the fascinating and inspiring world of visual expression with her students.      
Dan Paz teaches photography and digital art. Professor Paz holds an MFA in digital media and is an exhibiting artist who brings enthusiasm and real world expertise to her photography and digital classes.