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Chicago, IL  
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 Bridge/Career Foundations


 Start Your Career with City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago's Career Bridge Program helps students improve their reading, writing, math, and English skills while earning an industry certificate that can lead to entry-level job opportunities and careers in one of the following areas:                                                   

  • Daley College: Early Childhood Education​, Manufacturing
  • Truman College: Early Childhood Education
  • Kennedy-King College: Early Childhood Education; Culinary & Hospitality (Coming Fall 22)
  • Malcolm X College: Healthcare; Early Childhood Education (Coming Fall 22)​
  • Olive-Harvey College: Healthcare; Supply Chain and Transportation Technology
  • Wright College: Healthcare​

 Career Bridge Courses

Career Bridge programs are tuition-free.

Students can complete the program in as few as 1-2 semesters.

How to Apply                                                                   
  • Complete the Bridge Student Interest Form - Bridge Student Interest Form​
  • If you need help with your application, head to our Virtual Student Services​. You can click on your college to contact its Adult Education department directly or find general assistance via the live chat.​       ​​​                                  

 Career Bridge Program Details

Malcolm X College, Olive-Harvey College, Wilbur Wright College          
Program length: 2 semesters            
Earned credentials and possible entry-level jobs availble after completing this Career Bridge program include Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) ($13-$15/hour).          

Supply Chain and Transportation Technology
Olive-Harvey College                                                               
Program length: 1-2 semesters         
Earned credentials and possible entry-level jobs available after completing this Career Bridge program include forklift operator($13-$18/hour).                                                                                                                  


Early Childhood Education
Harry S Truman College, Richard J. Daley College           
Program length: 3- 5 semesters​        
Earned credentials and possible entry-level jobs available after completing this Career Bridge program include Illinois Gateways Level 2 to work as a child care center worker($13-$14/hour).      



Advanced Manufacturing    

 Gateway to the City Colleges of Chicago: Take College Courses at a Reduced Cost

In the Gateway to City Colleges of Chicago Program, Career Bridge completers and other eligible Adult Education students receive reduced tuition and supportive services as they transition into credit certificate and degree programs. Gateway scholars’ tuition for credit courses is reduced by half for four semesters.                                                                

 Contact Us

Use the address below to email your colleges' Adult Education department.                  
  • ​Daley College:
  • Olive-Harvey College:
  • Malcolm X College:
  • Truman College:
  • Wright College:
  • Kennedy-King College: