Student Activities

Student-run clubs are a great way to get involved in your campus community and make a difference while gaining valuable experience organizing and collaborating with other students.
The ground is fertile for new campus environmental clubs- Start one today!
CCC Environmentally Friendly Clubs:
  • Your new "green" club could be featured here! 

There is a lot of potential for the development of "Green" clubs on all of the CCC College campuses. Here are some helpful links on student sustainable actions:

Email if you would like to learn more about starting an environmentally-focused club on your campus, or if you would like information on how to make your existing club more environmentally responsible. If your organization is already participating in "green" activities- we would love to hear about it! Email the above address to share the details. We would be happy to feature your club on the home page.

ISEC is a student-run organization for students in the state of Illinois to connect and collaborate on environmental concerns. It is a great way to network and meet peers in many different industries who share the common interest in environmnetal issues. Click the image above to connect to ISEC website and learn more.

Follow the links below for more information about clubs, groups and organizations on your campus:

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Malcolm X College Clubs, Groups and Organizations
Harry S. Truman College Clubs, Groups and Organizations
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Richard J. Daley College Clubs, Groups and Organizations

Take a look at the Student Government Association (SGA) handbook for information about how clubs, groups and organizations are created and organized.

Check out the District Student Government Association (DSGA) web page for more information, including contact info for your SGA representatives. 

For more info on Clubs, Groups and Organizations district-wide, contact:
Vania O.Doss
(312) 553-2817