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We offer all levels, from beginner to advanced. You can study during the day, nights, weekends, or even online.                             

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 Need help with the admissions application? Check out our step-by-step video here​.    

Note: Due to the COVID-19 health crisis for the Summer 2021 semester all Adult Education classes are distance-learning including hybrid courses.​

Student Success

Dr. Lautauscha Davis
Daley College, Olive-Harvey College
When Dean Lautauscha Davis, EdD, speaks to students who have enrolled in courses at Olive-Harvey College in order to finish high school, her advice comes from many years in the field… and from personal experience. The Dean of Adult Education at OHC has been in their shoes, leaving Englewood’s Lindblom High School after her sophomore...
Stefany Cardenas
Wright College
If you ask Stefany Cardenas, a native Chicagoan of Ecuadorian descent, about her educational journey, she might tell you “the opportunity of my dreams landed on my lap.” But that shorthand version of her story doesn’t mention the incredible work that Stefany put in for nearly a decade to overcome homelessness and become a computer...
Aziza Mohammadi
Truman College
Before Aziza Mohammadi arrived in Chicago as a 17-year-old refugee from Sri Lanka, she didn’t have the chance to complete her high school education, but she was determined to go to college. Knowing she would first need to get her high school diploma, the refugee agency that helped Aziza’s family of six resettle in Chicago...
Alexander Hernandez
Truman College, Wright College
In less than ten years, Alexander Hernandez went from not speaking English, to his dream job at Google. When Alexander Hernandez came to the U.S. from Guatemala in 2011, he knew he wanted to learn English first – so he started taking free English as a Second Language classes at Truman College. Once he had...

Our Vision

​The City Colleges of Chicago Adult Education programs provide open access for learners from diverse backgrounds that deliver high quality education to prepare students to transition successfully into college, career pathways, the workforce and/or to meet personal goals as lifelong learners. In collaboration with community partners, the City Colleges of Chicago Adult Education program provides students with supporting services to meet their social, emotional and academic needs, leading to economic mobility.​