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Office of Finance

Office of Finance


The Office of Finance has oversight over the following functions: Accounting and Treasury, Student Finance, Financial Planning and Budgeting, Financial Systems, Business Enterprises, Capital Planning and Construction, Facility Operations, Safety and Security, and Procurement and Compliance.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Financial Transparency

The Office of Finance ensures City Colleges' financial stability by managing all financial functions in an efficient and fiscally responsive manner while providing the Board, Officers of the District, governing bodies and the public with timely and accurate information.                             
It is our mission to provide you with insight into City Colleges' financial history, activities and strategies, and to strengthen public partnership and trust. This transparency reflects an effort to exercise sound business judgment, comply with internal policies and external regulations, and support City Colleges' overall goals and mission.          


Recent Finance Publications

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Name Title    
​Phone Number E-mail Address​       
​Maribel Rodriguez Chief Financial Officer

​(312) 553-2609 ​
​Jeffrey Wong ​​Deputy CFO ​(312) 553-3330 ​​
​Daryl Okrzesik Treasurer ​(312) 553-2893
​David Anthony
AVC of Administrative Services​ (312) 553-3440​ ​​
​Jacinta Epting AVC of Business & Procurement Services​ ​(312) 553-2590 ​
​Aretha Tharps District Director of Student Financial Services ​(312) 553-2560
​Marcia Williams Executive Office Manager​ (312) 553-2745​