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We offer all levels, from beginner to advanced. You can study during the day, nights, weekends, or even online.                                 
Learn about advanced ESL hybrid courses​ (100% online)               

Note: Due to the COVID-19 health crisis for the Fall 2020 semester all Adult Education classes are distance-learning including hybrid courses.


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Student Success

Joann Sirles
Olive-Harvey College
When Joann Sirles retired after a successful career at Amtrak, she hadn’t planned on finding a whole new career – but that is just what happened at Olive-Harvey College. Originally from Philadelphia, Joann left high school before she was able to graduate because she had to go to work. After a job in retail and...
Lydia Bellil
Truman College
When Lydia Bellil moved to the U.S. from France when her husband got a new job, she knew she would finish her college education. Her first hurdle was to improve her English, so she headed to Truman College. Her husband had taken English classes there and it was close to their home, so it was...
Umara Zetino
Wright College
Umara Zetino’s advice to anyone who has been out of the classroom for a while is pretty straightforward: “It doesn’t matter what age you are, as long as you have the will and the drive. If you want to earn your degree, you can do it.” And she should know. After leaving high school at...
Fatima Asadi
Malcolm X College
By the time Fatima Asadi moved to the United States, she had already lived in Indonesia, and before that Iran, where she was born to parents from Afghanistan. When she moved to Chicago with her parents and one of her older brothers, her first priority was to practice her English and earn her GED –...

Our Vision

​The City Colleges of Chicago Adult Education programs provide open access for learners from diverse backgrounds that deliver high quality education to prepare students to transition successfully into college, career pathways, the workforce and/or to meet personal goals as lifelong learners. In collaboration with community partners, the City Colleges of Chicago Adult Education program provides students with supporting services to meet their social, emotional and academic needs, leading to economic mobility.​