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Drop a Class

​How to Drop a Class Online via

  1. Login to with your CCC username and password.
  2. Click My Academic Plan
  3. Click My Registration
  4. Click Drop Classes

Drop a Class In Person

You may drop a class by visiting an Academic Advisor and filling out a course revision (Add/Drop) form. Then, take the signed Add/Drop form to the Registrar’s Office.   

Student Responsibilities

​It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from classes. Failure to withdraw may result in the mandatory payment of tuition/fees and/or a failing grade. A student who receives an administrative withdrawal (ADW) at midterm and is reinstated (RNS) by the instructor may not elect to withdraw from the class at a later time. Students should review the Tuition Refund policy in the CCC Academic & Student Policy.   

CAUTION: Financial Aid Students

Withdrawing from a class may impact your financial aid status. Check with your Financial Aid Office for questions about your individual situation.​​​





Please visit, This Semester, to view class specific dates.