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​Green Space

Tree Campus USA         

Wright College has been declared an Arbor Day Foundation Tree Campus USA several years in a row. Tree Campus USA is a national program created in 2008 to honor colleges and universities for effective campus forest management and for engaging staff and students in conservation goals.          

Wright College achieved the title by meeting Tree Campus USA’s five standards, which include maintaining a tree advisory committee, a campus tree-care plan, dedicated annual expenditures toward trees, an Arbor Day observance and student service-learning projects. More information about the program is available at       

In the spirit of these tree conservation efforts, in Fall 2013 Daley College replanted 150 trees that had been in Malcolm X College's parking lot, which is the site of the new Malcom X College Campus.       


Urban Agriculture         

Windy City Harvest is a social enterprise that provides a nine-month certificate training program and internship in sustainable horticulture and urban agriculture at Arturo Velasquez Institute, the Daley College satellite campus. Students grow fruits and vegetables using organic methods and gain experience in a variety of urban farming and horticulture activities through work placements with other organizations and production sites. The program is offered in partnership with Daley College/Arturo Velasquez Institute and accredited by the Illinois Community College Board. Windy City Harvest certifies 15-20 participants per year. The program is in its fourth year with a total of 55 graduates.  The 9-month certificate program currently has an 80% job placement rate.            


In addition to the program at Arturo Velasquez, this Fall an Urban Agriculture class will start at Wright College, where a bee keeping class has proven successful.  Students are also studying Aquaponics at Kennedy-King College, where the science and culinary programs are looking into sustainable food production.    Roofs  

Kennedy-King College has in aggregate, the 10th largest green roof in the City of Chicago.  Installed upon construction of the new campus at 63rd and Halstead in 2007, the green roof covers over 72,000 square feet of rooftop across buildings V, W and Y.  Wright College students also have a learning green roof where students plant 100 square feet of green roof each spring.           

[v] ​   [vi]           

Facilities Planning

In looking to increase Green Space across the District, the Facilities Planning Department is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to connect our students to nature.  Some examples below include designs for a walkway through the Olive-Harvey College Wetland for students to better view the cattails and birds native to the wetland, and an artist’s rendering of a green roof on the new Malcolm X College campus where trees will be planted to attract birds and milkweed will be grown to attract monarch butterflies.            



[i] Wright College students planting a tree        


[ii] Arturo Velasquez Gardens            


[iii] Bee Keeping at Wright College            


[iv] Aquaponics Science Students at Kennedy-King College        


[v] Wright College Green Roof Student Learning               


[vi] Kennedy-King College Green Roof            

[vii] Facilities Planning Drawings