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Getting Around Town

The City Colleges of Chicago campuses have never been more accessible. From bike-sharing to CTA smartphone apps​ there are an abundance of options to make your commute more efficient, affordable and environmentally sustainable. By reducing the number of single occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips, incorporating these eco-friendly options to your routine can reduce carbon emmissions and congestion on the city's streets.    

Bike-sharing, CTA trains and busses and car-sharing provide flexibility in planning your commute, allowing for the most convenient and efficient travel. The perks are, in addition to being extremely convenient, these methods save the commuter time, money and stress. They can also be fun and relaxing!           

Consider the possibility of enjoying a nice sunny spring day by getting off the train a few stops early and riding a Divvy bike for the remainder of the trip. Check out our bicycle resources page to save time and money while packing a little bit of mood-boosting exercise into your routine.                   

Take this quiz to learn about your carbon-footprint-green.jpg       

Car and Ride Sharing

Avoid the headache of insurance fees, car payments, maintenance and parking tickets by subscribing to a car-sharing service, OR reduce the cost of commuting and share the ride!        

Car Sharing       

Available by the half hour or hour, car sharing is great for occasions when you just need a vehicle to get the job done. Gas is included and, as a student, you qualify for some great rates and student discounts! Check out the link below for details:


Ride Sharing      

If you already own a vehicle and would like to reduce the burden of driving alone while being more environmentally conscious, then ride-sharing is for you!         

              carpoolworld_logo_200.png                               Pace-RideShare-Logo-Button.gif

Public Transit

Why not let someone else do the driving while you relax and finish up homework, check emails or read your favorite book? Affordable and convenient, public transit is an environmentally responsible choice for getting around town.         

      ​Get My CTA U-Pass- Discounted CTA fare available for full-time students    



Google Interactive Trip Planner (for biking, walking or public transit)​​