Reverse Transfer Information

You invested your time; receive the recognition you deserve through the Reverse Transfer of Credit (RTC).

What is Reverse Transfer of Credit?

If you transfer to another college or university before completing your associate degree at City Colleges of Chicago (CCC), you can still earn an associate degree through Reverse Transfer of Credit. Students who transfer to a college or four-year university can transfer back the credits they have earned to satisfy their remaining associate degree requirements at CCC.

The Benefits of Completing an Associate Degree

  • It demonstrates a marketable credential on your resume
  • It increases your internship and employment opportunities
  • It demonstrates your academic skillset and scholastic achievements
  • It illustrates your ability to plan, to persevere, and to achieve your goals
  • It helps you reach an important milestone in your academic and career path

Begin the Reverse Transfer of Credit Process

  1. You can meet with a college advisor to help you assess if any degree requirements remain and help determine degree eligibility at CCC.
  2. Complete the following form to begin.
  3. If you have transferred from CCC more than a year, please submit your intent to graduate in the CCC student portal and do not complete the above form. Please do not complete an admission application to complete the Reverse Transfer Process.
  4. Request to have official transcripts submitted from all institutions you have attended outside of City Colleges of Chicago if you have not already done so. Official transcripts must be submitted for a transfer credit evaluation to the Office of the Registrar & Records at any of the seven City Colleges. (For students who are unsure if they qualify, and would like to request an unofficial evaluation, before completing the process of submitting the official, please email​.
  5. Once an evaluation of transfer credit is conducted, and the transferable credits are posted to your CCC student record.
  6. Degrees are not awarded throughout the term. CCC will process all degrees at the end of each semester.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. ​What is Reverse Transfer of Credit?
    Reverse Transfer of Credit (RTC) provides the opportunity for students who took classes at City Colleges of Chicago but transferred to another college or university before completing their degree at CCC, to transfer back the earned credits they have received at another institution. Reverse Transfer of Credit is not for students who are currently enrolled at City Colleges of Chicago.
  2. What are the requirements to participate in Reverse Transfer of Credit?
    • ​​A student must fulfill the degree residency requirement at CCC. This means each student must have completed at least 15 college level credits towards an associate degree at City Colleges of Chicago.
    • In addition, each student must have completed at least 45 credits of additional coursework to participate. In total, each participant must have earned at least 60 credit hours of college level coursework to be considered for an associate degree at CCC.
    • The student must also be in good academic standing at the time they transferred from CCC.
  3. Are there any costs to participate?
    The institution you transferred to normally will charge a transcript fee to send an official transcript back to City Colleges of Chicago. Please note, some colleges and universities provide free transcripts for the sole purpose of Reverse Transfer of Credit. You may find out more information at the college you attend within the Office of the Registrar.
  4. Are students guaranteed a degree from City Colleges of Chicago?
    No. City Colleges of Chicago will evaluate the course work you completed at CCC, along with the transfer credit you have earned at another college or university, and then determine if the associate degree requirements have been met. City Colleges of Chicago will notify you accordingly if you qualify for an associate degree based on the total credits you have earned.
  5. I already have a CCC degree can I apply for another associates degree?
    If you complete another 15 semesters hours of college credit at CCC, you can prepare to complete another degree.
  6. Can I submit my Standardized Test Exams for college credit?
    Yes, we will accept the following exams for college credit: (CLEP, AP, ACTFL, and IB exams).