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Transit Benefit Program

All transit payroll deductions are pre-tax and the amount elected will be deducted from the first payroll check of each month.  The IRS maximum amount that can be deducted from your pay pre-tax is currently $260.00 per month. Please complete the Ventra Payroll Authorization form or METRA Transit Benefit payroll authorization form to begin your monthly contributions to your account.   

CTA/Pace Ventra Card Program

 Your Ventra transit card has a balance that you maintain in an online account in the Ventra system.  Participants have the option of using a card you currently own, ordering a card online for mail delivery or  purchasing a card through a participating Ventra retailer.  If your card is lost or stolen, alert Ventra through  your online account or by phone at 877.NOW.VENTRA (669-8368).             

RTA/METRA Transit Benefit Prepaid MasterCard Program        

The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) METRA Prepaid MasterCard allows employees to use pre-tax dollars for commuting expenses for transportation on the METRA, CTA, Pace, South Shore Railroad, certain Amtrak routes and Chicago Water Taxi.  The card is a reloadable prepaid card and will be accepted at any qualified transit agency that displays the MasterCard®, Maestro®, NYCE​​​​® acceptance marks.  Visit the RTA website for details. If your card is lost or stolen, alert RTA at (888) 782-1008.

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