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Residency Requirement

Residency Rules​                  

Board Rule 4.6(a) requires persons hired or promoted to full-time positions on or after July 1, 1977 to be residents of the City of Chicago ("City"). A certificate of residence within the City shall be required as part of the employment application process for all new full-time hires. Continued residence within the City and an Annual Certification of Residency conducted by the Office of the Inspector General shall be a condition of continued employment for full-time employees subject to this Rule. A nonresident of the City may be hired or promoted to a full-time position provided that such person agrees, as a condition of employment/promotion, to establish actual residency within six(6) months after commencement of employment/promotion.                 

All CCC employees affected by this rule are solely responsible for completing their move into the City or properly requesting extensions before the expiration of any deadline date pertaining to this Rule.                              

The Chancellor may extend the time during which a non-resident new hire or promoted employee establishes residency in the City for up to two(2) additional three-month periods, if warranted by individual circumstances of the employee and if the Chancellor determines that it is in the best interests of the District to do so.                       

Following the two extensions, the Chancellor may also grant up to two(2) additional three-month periods when a non-resident new hire or promoted employee is able to show a good faith effort toward selling his/her existing primary residence located outside the City in order to meet the residency requirement. Listed below includes, but is not limited to, items required as proof of 'good faith effort':                         

  • Provide a sales contract within the first six(6) months of hire/promotion which identifies the address of the property for sale, the broker, and the period of time the contract covers.
  • Provide proof that the property in question has a current listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  • If the property is being sold by the owner, all advertisements showing property is being advertised and the responses received from those advertisements.     

Residency Extension Request Procedure 

Employees wishing to request an extension provided for in this Rule must submit their request prior to the expiration date of the six(6) month period or prior to the expiration of any previously approved extension.                                  

Complete the Residency Extension Request form (available at right) and submit to the District Office of Human Resources attention Micki Yolich at​. Contact the Human Resources Department at your location if you are unsure of your hire/promotion date, expiration date or have any other questions. Any Extension forms submitted at any college HR Department will be sent to District Office of Human Resources for processing.​                

Change of Address Procedure  

All employees that have recently complied with their Residency Requirement OR any employees that move residence while a FT employee are required to access PeopleSoft Self-Service to edit their address of record when a change is made. PeopleSoft Self-Service is accessible via the 'Faculty & Staff' menu selection at the top of this page. Select the 'HR Self-Service' link. Login using your CCC login information and go to:  Self Service > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address and click in the 'edit' field to change your address.​​                      

[A full-time employee who represents to the Office of Human Resources that he/she resides in the City of Chicago at the time of his/her hire or at any time thereafter and 1) who subsequently moves his/her actual residence from the City of Chicago, and 2) fails​ to notify the Office of Human Resources by editing his/her address in PeopleSoft Self-Service as required shall be deemed to have made a material omission of fact for the purpose of concealing his/her actual residence.]​​  ​   ​ ​ ​​​​ ​​ 

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