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Tuition Free GED®

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The General Educational Development (GED®) program offers preparation for the GED (high school equivalency) examination in either English or Spanish.

The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program provides courses to adults who test below the GED® level and need to improve basic reading and math skills before they qualify to move into the GED® level.

The length of time necessary to prepare for the GED® exam depends on a combination of factors including the student's initial reading and math scores, previous years of education, length of time out of school, level of motivation, and amount of time available for study and homework.

What’s the 2014 GED® test like?

The GED® test has been updated to make sure it measures what graduating high school seniors know and what colleges and employers will expect of you.

There are four parts to 2014 GED®:
  • Social Studies (90 minutes)
    • Section 1 (65 minutes)
    • Section 2 (25 minutes)
*The time allotted for sections 1 and 3 may vary slightly, but the total test time will always be 150 minutes.

-Offered on computer (paper available for accommodations only)

-English and Spanish


What is the passing score?

On the 2014 GED® test you need to earn at least 145 points on each subject to pass. To find out if you’re likely to pass, take GED Ready™: The Official Practice Test and the only test that can tell you if you’re likely to pass. If you are taking classes at City Colleges of Chicago, your teacher can help you determine when to take the Practice Test.

How long will it take to get my GED® ?

That depends on where you place on placement exams; it will depend on your reading and math level to determine how long it will take.  Come in to one of the City Colleges of Chicago to get started!

Where can I take the Constitution Exam?

The City Colleges of Chicago offers these exams for Adult Education students.  Each Adult Education Department and/or testing center runs these exams on various schedules.  Come in to the City Colleges of Chicago or call your closest Adult Education office to get started!

Is there a fee to take the test?

You can pay as you go with the GED® test. This means you can pay for each subject individually or when you are ready to test. In Illinois the fee per subject is $30, and there are four subjects.

What’s the 2014 GED® Program?

In 2014 you have more than just a test. You’ll have access to MyGED™ at, your online portal to sign up, study, schedule, check scores, and learn about jobs and college.

What is MyGED™?

MyGED™ is your start-to-finish online tool for the 2014 GED® program. Flexible, convenient and the support you need before and after the GED® test. Built with you in mind, MyGED™ helps you take control of your life and your future. Conveniently register and schedule 24/7. Plus, find prep tools to help you prepare for test day and resources to help you move forward to what’s next.

City Colleges of Chicago provides re-entry programs and referrals to service providers who once deferred their lifelong goal of earning a college degree. Re-entry students bring their life and professional experiences to City Colleges of Chicago along to positively impact our learning environment and their further their education.  City Colleges of Chicago re-entry students enrich our student community as talented and brilliant scholars​​​​​​​.Throughout the year, City Colleges of Chicago hosts re-entry education summits open to the public. If you would like more information on future CCC reentry events, please email your information to:

Our next Re-entry Education Summit is Thursday, March 16th at Olive-Havey College. For more information, please click here



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