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Qualified Status Change

Employees that have experienced a life event that qualifies for a change in status are able to opt into or out of health, dental and/or vision coverage if the request is made within 31 days of the event.  Any mid-year election change must be consistent with the qualifying change in status the participant has experienced.

Qualifying changes in status include:         
  1. An event that changes the employee's legal marital status.
  2. An event that changes the employee's number of dependents including:
    • ​Birth
    • Death
    • Adoption
    • Placement for Adoption
  3. ​An event that changes the employment status of the employee, their spouse, or their dependent, including:
    • ​A termination of employment
    • A return from an unpaid leave of absence
    • A change in the individual's employment status that changes their eligibility for insurance
  4. ​An event that causes an employee's dependent to meet or fail to meet eligibility requirements for coverage based on age, student status, or any similar circumstance.
  5. An employee who is a new hire or is newly eligible for benefits.