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CCC Wellness Centers Clinical Training Sites

Application Information for the CCC Wellness Centers Training Sites                  
For the 20201-22 Training Year                 
One Application – Multiple Unique Locations!                 
What are the Wellness Centers?  ​                
The Wellness Centers are student counseling centers, providing best-practices mental health and case management services for students, faculty, and staff. Core services include individual and group counseling, psychological testing, educational outreach, and linkage to community-based services.                   
What are the Wellness Centers like?                   
The diversity of the student population at each college enriches the trainees' experiences as they gain dynamic training in working with clients with varied presentations and from diverse backgrounds. Trainees are trained and supported in working with clients through all phases of treatment, and supervision is provided by skilled staff eager to support trainees’ development. Each location is different, and they utilize brief and long term treatment models.  Diagnostic trainees are provided the opportunity to work with a small caseload of therapy clients in addition to conducting the required number of assessment batteries.                   
What is the role of the practicum trainee?                   
Graduate students in training participate in all aspects of service delivery. Therapy trainees are expected to provide crisis, short-term, and some long-term counseling; case management; and community outreach. Doctoral-level diagnostic trainees, of course, focus on assessment; however, most will also enrich their experience by carrying a small caseload of therapy clients and by participating in outreach.                   
What types of placements do you offer?    
#Trainee Positions​
Masters Clinical/ Counseling        
Masters Social Work
Doctoral Diagnostic        
Doctoral Therapy        
Doctoral Advanced        
​5-6 ​2-3 ​2-3
​9-10 ​2-4 ​1-2
​6-7 ​6-7  N/A
Malcolm X        
​8-10 ​2-3 ​2-3
2-4 2-4
​3-4 ​1-2 ​1-2
​5-6 ​3-4 ​2-3
​5-6 ​3-4 ​2-3
There are seven unique sites, how do I learn about each one?        
Great question! On the right side of this webpage you will see each Wellness Center with several links.  Click on Practicum Details to see specific information about the supervisors and practicum experience at each location.  In addition, the Clinical Director's name is there along with their contact e-mail address.         

When do I apply?                 
ACEPT MA and SW applicants should submit their packets on January 29th, 2021  ​       
When are the Master's level interviews?          
Interview dates are currently TBA - please continue to check back here for more information! Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and applicants may be invited to interview at individual locations or to a group interview.  One application qualifies you to be considered by all locations.       

ACEPT Doctoral Students (diagostic, therapy, and advanced students) may submit their application packets beginning January 29th, 2021.   
Diagnostic Doctoral students send packets to: .              

Doctoral Therapy and Advanced Doctoral Students send packets to:​ .        

When are the Doctoral level Interviews?  
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and small group or individual interviews will occur in February of 2021.         

Application Packet requirements  
Please follow the instructions below for formatting and submitting your application to City Colleges of Chicago Wellness Centers.      

In the Subject line of your e-mail:  type your last name and the type of placement you are seeking.                 
Example: John Smith, a master’s-level student in counseling psychology: Smith MA.                   
Please use these codes to indicate the type of placement in your email subject heading:    
Masters ​Counseling                   
Masters Social Work                   
Doctoral Adv. Therapy           ​        
Doctoral Therapy                   
Doctoral        ​           
Attach all the listed documents in one (1) e-mail.  No Zip FilesIf letters of recommendation must be sent seperately, please note that in your e-mail message.     
Document​ Title of Document
First Inital.Last Name​
CCC Wellness Center Training Application 21-22.docxCCC Wellness Center Training Application 21-22.docx
(download, complete, and submit)​
​J.Smith App​
Resume/CV​​ ​J.Smith CV​
  Cover Letter​  ​ ​J.Smit​h CL
Three (3) Letters of Recommendation​ ​J.Smith LOR 1
Unofficial Graduate School Transcript​​ ​J.Smith TS​
Diagnostic Doctoral Students Only: Writing​ sample of case
conceptualization or testing report​
​J.Smith WS ​

You will receive a receipt upon successful submission with information regarding interview process and dates.           
Thank you for considering City Colleges of Chicago - Wellness Centers Training Sites!                        


Learn More

Site and Supervisor

Anne Althoff, LCSW        
HW Practicum Details​        
Eric Crabtree-Nelson, LCSW        
Kennedy-King Wellness Center
Dionne R. Gavin, EdD, LCPC         
MXC Practicum Details​        
Erica M. Schweitzer, PsyD 
OH Practicum Details​        
Tyler Wurst, LCPC        
Karen Caldwell-Littleton, LCPC        
Kathryn Chapman, LCPC        
Concerns? Questions?  
Please contact:        
Donell Barnett, Ph.D 
District Director of         
Specialized Student Services        
About Dr. Barnett​