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Online Learning course offerings

* W - Web Based course through Blackboard  

* All courses subject to change   

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Course Subject Course Number Course Title Delivery Mode
Anthropology 202 Cultural Anthropology W
Art 103 Art Appreciation W
Astronomy 201 Descriptive Astronomy I W
Biology 107 Nutrition-Consumer Education W
Biology 115 Human Biology/w Lab W
Biology 120 Terminology for Medical Careers W
Business 111 Introduction to Business W
Business 141 Business Mathematics W
Business 181 Financial Accounting W
Business 211 Business Law I W
Business 216 Entrepreneurship W
Business 231 Principles of Marketing W
Business 241 Introduction to Finance W
Business 269 Principles of Management W
Business 271 Human Resources Management W
Child Development 101-1 Human Growth and Development I W
Child Development 107 Health Safety and Nutrition W
Child Development 142 Methods and Material for Infant Toddler Care W
Child Development 248 Principles and Practice of Infant and Toddler Care W
CIS 101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems W
CIS 103 Introduction to BASIC Language W
CIS 120 Introduction to Microcomputers W
CIS 122 Introduction to Word Processing on Microcomputers W
CIS 123 Introduction to Spreadsheets on Microcomputers W
CIS 145 Introduction to Databases on Microcomputers W
CIS 181 Web Development I/Basic Web Technologies W
Criminal Justice 114 Administration of Juvenile Justice W
Criminal Justice 234 Criminal Law and Procedure W
Economics 201 Principles of Economics I: Macroeconomics W
Economics 202 Principles of Economics II: Microeconomics W
English 101 Composition I W
English 102 Composition II W
Fine Arts 104 The World of Cinema W
French 101 First Course French W
French 102 Second Course French W
Geography 101 World Geography W
Health 250 Health Education W
History 111 History of the American People to 1865 W
History 112 History of the American People from 1865 W
History 141 The History of World Civilization to 1500 W
History 215 History of Latin America W
History 247 African History to Colonial Period W
Humanities 201 General Course I (Literary & Visual Arts) W
Humanities 202 General Course II (Drama, Music, Philosophy) W
Humanities 212 Non-Western Humanities W
Literature 110 Introduction to Literature W
Inter-Disciplinary Studies 101 College Success Seminar W
Literature 110  Introduction to Literature W
Literature 121 Contemporary African-American Literature W
Literature 126 Contemporary American Literature W
Literature 128 Latin American Literature W
Literature 150 Women's Literature W
Literature 155 Literature and Film W
Mathematics 118 General Education Mathematics W
Mathematics 125-1 Introductory Statistics W
Mathematics 144 Finite Mathematics W
Mathematics 204 Calculus for Business & Social Science W
Mathematics 207 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I W
Mathematics  208 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II W
Music 121 Introduction to Music W
Philosophy 105 Logic W
Philosophy 106 Introduction to Philosophy W
Philosophy 107 Ethics W
Philosophy  108 Philosophy of Religion W
Physical Science 101 General Course I W
Physical Science 107 Current Public Issues in Physical Science W
Political Science 201 The National Government W
Psychology 201 General Psychology W
Psychology 206 Business and Industrial Psychology W
Psychology 207 Child Psychology W
Psychology 210-1 Principles of Supervisory Psychology W
Social Science 101 General Course I: Introduction to the Scientific Study of Human Behavior W
Social Science 102 General Course II: Introduction to the Scientific Study of Human Behavior W
Sociology 201 Introduction to the Study of Society W
Sociology 203 Marriage and the Family W
Spanish 101 Spanish–First Course W
Spanish 102 Spanish–Second Course W
Speech 101-1 Fundamentals of Speech Communication W
Theatre Art  131 Introduction to Theatre W