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EEO, Labor & Employee Relations

Aaron G. Allen
Executive Director: EEO, Labor & Employee Relations

​​Labor Relations (Union Contracts):

  • ​​Provide counsel and advice regarding ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements. Participate in matters and procedures involving arbitrations, collective bargaining agreements and labor boards.            

Employee Relations:

  • Train and advise on job behavior and performance expectations as well as implementation of corrective action. 
  • Assists in the interactive process to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities in order to perform the essential functions of his/her job, or to participate in the employment process. Accommodation Request.  Students should contact their College's Disability Access Center (DAC)​ with any accommodation requests. 
  • Assure compliance with Indebtedness and Residency policies           

EEO and Title IX:

  • Administer and assure compliance with the District's EEO Policy​​​​​​, inclusive of Title IX​​.
  • Investigate and respond to student, faculty and employee complaints of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault and stalking.

Faculty & Staff

Contact Information

(312) 553-2865
(312) 553-3353


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