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Direct Deposit

​Direct deposit is a process by which the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) electronically deposits your paycheck directly into your checking or savings account at a participating bank, savings and loan association or credit union.                

There are several benefits of direct deposit:                

  • Direct deposit is faster. Is immediately accessible to you on the morning of payday.

  • Direct deposit is safer. It eliminates the risk of damaging or misplacing your paycheck.

  • Direct deposit is convenient. It eliminates the need to make a trip to you financial institution and wait in line to cash or deposit your paycheck.

  • Direct deposit is free. There is no charge for setting up direct deposit.

CCC encourages all employees to have direct deposit.                

Employees enrolling in direct deposit may choose any United States bank to receive the deposit of their paychecks. Employees may direct their pay to one account or split their pay among multiple accounts at one or more banks.                

Direct deposit takes effect two pay periods following enrollment. Funds transferred to direct deposit are available in the designated account(s) on the morning of the pay date.          ​  

​Electing or Canceling Direct Deposit 
  • Until further notice, the Direct Deposit ​feature in Employee Self-Service is temporarily unavailable.

  • ​To enroll in, change elections, or stop direct deposit complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form​.​​​

  • Send the completed form along with a voided check or other bank document verifying the account to Payroll Services at or mail to:
Payroll Services       
3901 S. State Street       
Chicago, IL 60609       

Please note:               

  • Banking institutions will sometimes use different Transit/ABA routing numbers and account numbers than what is printed on your check/deposit slip. Please contact your bank to request the correct routing number and account number to set up your deposit.

  • CCC does not assume liability for charges incurred due to incorrect data entry/set up on the part of the employee.

Closing or Changing Your Bank Account Information        

You must change or cancel your direct deposit at least five (5) business days prior to a payday to avoid having your funds deposited into a closed/invalid account. If the stop/change is not made in time, a paper check will be generated only AFTER the funds are redirected back to CCC by your financial institution (there are no exceptions). Payroll Services will contact your college Payroll representative when the check is available for pick up.               

Note: This process normally takes 2-3 business days.