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City of Chicago Indebtedness

​Pursuant to City Colleges of Chicago Policies and Work Rules, all applicants must disclose on their new hire paperwork whether they are in default for any obligation to the City Colleges of Chicago, City of Chicago, County of Cook, or State of Illinois. Applicants who are, as well as employees who become, in default on any obligation or owe any past due debt will be required to provide satisfactory proof that payment has been made or that arrangements for payment have been made either through payroll deduction or other means.

Failure to pay an overdue debt to City Colleges of Chicago, City of Chicago, County of Cook, or State of Illinois within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving a demand therefore is a violation of City Colleges of Chicago Policies and Work Rules, as well as Board Policy, unless the employee:              

i. has entered into an agreement with City Colleges of Chicago, the City of Chicago, County of Cook, or State of Illinois through the appropriate department for the payment of all debts owed, and remains in compliance with the agreement; ​  

ii. is contesting liability for the amount of the debt in a pending administrative or judicial proceeding, and provides satisfactory proof of such proceeding; or              

iii. has filed a petition in bankruptcy and the debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy.              

Failure to disclose such debts or obligations on the employment application, or failure to pay or make arrangements for payment within thirty (30) days of hire date shall subject the employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. ​

For Compliance:

If debt is to the City of Chicago for Parking, Speeding, Red Light or other Administrative debt you can:         

1. Pay all amounts due directly to the Department of Finance, Rm. 107, City Hall. Information on the Citation Administration webpage.       
2. Enter into a payment plan with the City of Chicago- information on the City Payment Plan​ webpage.        

[ #1 and #2 of the above listed payment methods to the City of Chicago are the ONLY WAY TO STOP enforcement actions (vehicle boot, towing, late and delinquent fees, wage garnishment) by the City. ]      

3. If you:        
-Cannot pay the full amount (#1)        
-Do not qualify for a City Payment Plan (#2)        
-Owe more than $500        
You may request a Voluntary Payroll Deduction(VPD) from your CCC paycheck. You must meet certain income requirements, pay a minimum amount and cannot make payments for more than 6 months (12 pay periods).  Additional information and required items are on the VPD form​.  ​[ A payment plan from your CCC paycheck keeps you in compliance with work rules but is delayed and until fully satisfied, your debt is not recognized as paid by the City.​ ]  Complete and submit your signed VPD form with the assistance of the HR Director at your location for processing.

If debt is to Cook County or State of Illinois you must:         
Contact and pay (or make arrangements to pay) all amounts due directly to the governmental or taxing athority involved.
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