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CCC Carpentry Apprenticeship Program Frequently Asked Questions

​1. How do I apply to get this credit?             

  • Apply for Admission to CCC online using same application as all CCC applicants.
  • Request that a copy of your Apprentice Verification Transcript be sent to City Colleges.
​Carpenter’s Apprenticeship Fund            
Training Center Contacts:            
Request that Apprentice Verification  transcript be mailed to:            
​Carpenter Training Center            
Kina McAfee         
Assistant Coordinator      
1256 Estes Ave.            
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007            
847-640-7373 Phone            
​City Colleges of Chicago
District Office of Transfer and Articulation
Attention: Executive Director
Academic Affairs
226 W. Jackson BLVD, 13th Floor
Chicago, IL  60606


  • The credit will be posted to your record once your enrollment in classes is verified.

2. How do I get the credit applied to my degree at CCC?             

  • The transfer credit will be posted for CCC students who graduate from the Apprenticeship Program and supply proof with an Apprentice Verification Transcript.
  • Request that the Apprenticeship Transcript, confirming graduation, be mailed to the Office of Transfer and Articulation at the CCC District Office.
  • The Office of Transfer and Articulation will confirm enrollment at City Colleges and send the transcript to the Records Office to have the credit posted to the degree.

3. What about other college credit I have earned?             

All college credit should be submitted to Records Offices at the college you are attending to be evaluated in the normal manner at the time of admission to City Colleges of Chicago.            

4. Can the Apprenticeship credit count ONLY toward the AGS?              

The credit can be used as elective in any CCC degree program that allows for elective credit.  The fastest route to a degree is the AGS, where the degree allows for forty elective credits.  Most of the other degree programs accept from 9-20 credits of elective course work in the degree.            

5. I would like to get a bachelors degree, will this credit transfer to a other institutions?             

Probably not. It is up to the institutions and they have not entered into this agreement. It is likely that other institutions will want to evaluate the credit themselves.  Students will need to contact the institutions in which they are interested in transferring after CCC to ask if any credit can be awarded.            

6. What is the value of the AGS?             

  • All of the General Education courses will count toward other associate or bachelor’s degree, should you wish to continue your studies.
  • The General Education component of the AGS will improve a student’s critical thinking, college-level writing, and problem-solving skills, while exposing them to the liberal arts and sciences.  
  • The completion of the degree will improve your employability skills.  A post-secondary degree is increasingly a needed step on the path to management positions in the construction field.

7. Should students pursue other degrees instead of the AGS?            

This depends on your educational goals.  If you bring a great deal of other college credit, you might wish to pursue other degree programs.  Students are encouraged to meet with your Academic Advisor and develop an Educational Plan that serves your educational goals. ​​​​​​​​​​​