Getting Started with Online Learning

Getting Started

Step 1: Attend Online Student Orientation:                                                  

Visit the New Student Orientation Session                                       

Step 2: Textbooks:                                            

The Summer 2024 session textbook information will be available April, 24 2024 *. Students are not to order any course materials prior to that date. Click to read more information on textbooks.                      

Step 3: Retrieve username (New Students):                                         

Go to Password Registration Help and follow the steps to activate your student username and password that allows you to login into (your official class portal), Student Email (required for all Online Learning courses) and Brightspace (website for all of your Online Learning courses).                    
Step 4: Course Pursuit:                                    

Students will be able to log into their Summer 2024 online course(s) beginning on June 5,2024 *. Students should go to Brightspace and enter each course that they are enrolled and review their course syllabus. This will be the first day you can login to your course(s).               

Students registered in online classes will be issued a no-show withdrawal (NSW) if they do not pursue and complete academic activities during the first week of class.(see No-Show Withdrawals (NSW) & Refunds for information about the NSW refund policy).                         

Academic activities may include, but are not limited to, the completion of assignments, exams and quizzes or participation in online discussions. Academic activities do not include merely logging onto the course site (or learning management system – LMS, see Learning Management System), or acknowledging that you have read the syllabus.                       

Students who have been issued an NSW by the instructor may, at the request of the instructor, be reinstated (RNS) into the class. See the Student Policy Manual for more information.                    

Example: A student registered for an online course. The first day of Summer 2024 classes start on June 5, 2024. The student logs into Brightspace on  June 5, 2024, and downloads the course syllabus. On June 6,2024, the student logs into Brightspace again and completes all of their first week assignments.   
 Step 5: Student Email:                               

Check your student email account from the student portal for any new messages you might have from your instructor.                                    

Step 6: Exams/Testing:                                     

Some online courses may require a minimum of one proctored exam to be completed at home through Brightspace. Please contact your instructor to determine if your class has proctored exams and how you will access them.             

*Disclaimer: Dates are subject to change.