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1098-T Tuition Statement Information

1098-T (Tuition Statement) Information

1098-T FAQs

For Tax Year 2019, City Colleges of Chicago will report "Payments Received for Qualified Tuition and Related Expenses" in Box 1. This will not include any expenses paid by financial aid. If all of your qualified tuition and related expenses were paid with financial aid, you will not receive a 1098-T.
Q: What is a 1098-T?
A: The 1098-T Tuition Statement is a form used by educational institutions to report information about their students as required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The information contained on the form will help you to determine if you are eligible to claim educational tax credits.
Q: How and when do I receive a copy of my 1098-T?
A: City Colleges of Chicago is required by the IRS to provide a copy of the 1098-T form by January 31st, following the current tax year. The 1098-T Statement can be viewed and printed on the CCC Student Portal by navigating to Student Finance Account > Account Services > View 1098-T
Q: What should I do with my 1098-T Statement?
A: This form is informational only and you can keep it for your records. It serves to alert students that they may be eligible for educational tax credits. Since City Colleges of Chicago sends your 1098-T information to the IRS, there is no need to attach a copy of the form to your tax return.
Q: What is IRS Form 8863?
A: Form 8863 is used to figure and claim your education credits, which are based on qualified education expenses paid to an eligible postsecondary educational institution. Please refer to the IRS Publication 970 or for further information contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 or consult with your tax advisor.
Q: What should I do if I am having trouble proceeding past the E consent Option page on the Student Portal?
A: In order to proceed to the next screen, you must click "Grant Consent."
Q: What should I do if the Social Security Number (SSN) on my form is missing or incorrect?
A: You need to provide your valid SSN by completing IRS Form W-9S. This form should be returned to the Registrar's Office at your college.
Q: Why I am not able to view my 1098-T form electronically?
A: Either you didn’t provide CCC E –Consent to access your form electronically, you were not eligible to receive 1098-T form for the current year or you opted out of the E-Consent feature.
Q: How do I print my 1098-T from the Student Portal?
A: The 1098-T Statement can be viewed and printed on the CCC Student Portal by navigating to Finances → My Student Account → 1098-T Tax Forms. In order to fit the 1098-T form onto one (1) page, you must select Print only selected frame or Shrink to Fit in Print Preview. If you continue to have problems printing, please visit your College Business Office.
Q: Does City Colleges of Chicago send a copy of the 1098-T form to the IRS?
A: Yes, we are required to do so by the IRS.
Q: How are my Veteran's benefits reported on a 1098-T form?
A: Veteran's benefits (Illinois Veterans Grant, Post 9/11 GI Bill®, etc.) received are reported as grants on the 1098-T form in Box 5. City Colleges of Chicago does not issue a 1098-T form if veteran's benefits equal or exceeds your total charges (qualified tuition and related expenses).
Q: I made a payment during the current tax reporting year, but I did not receive a 1098-T statement. Why?
A: Most likely, you received financial aid, scholarships and/or waivers in excess of your charges. City Colleges of Chicago does not issue a 1098-T form to students if their financial aid, scholarships and/or waivers equals or exceeds qualified tuition and related expenses.
Q: Why isn't Box 8 checked (Check if at least half-time student)
A: Box 8 is checked if you were enrolled in any of the following:
  • At least 6 credit hours during Spring or Fall 2019 or
  • At least 3 credit hours during Summer 2019
Q: Am I eligible for 1098T if I was enrolled in Continuing Education or non credit classes?
A: The IRS does not require the Form 1098-T to be sent to students for Continuing Education non-credit classes. Please read IRS Publication 970 about the possibility of using the Lifetime Learning Credit for these types of classes. You may use copies of your receipts in those instances.
Q: I received Grants (e.g. Pell, MAP, SEOG) and/or scholarships that covered my tuition and fees and I made a payment. Am I eligible to receive a 1098-T?
A: You are not eligible to receive a 1098-T if your grants and/or scholarships exceeded your charges for the calendar year.
Q: How do I view my charges and or payments made to City Colleges of Chicago?
A: This information can be viewed by visiting the CCC Student Portaland navigating to Finances → Account Summary.
Q: Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
A: You can contact your college business officeor send an email
To obtain additional information please call the 1098-T Hotline telephone number at 312-553-3379.

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