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Portal Help Guides

Welcome to the Student Portal at         

This quick overview video will introduce you to the portal.  
Student Portal Ov​erview​           
Get familiar with the portal and learn where to go to register, view your financial aid and other student finances, check your grades, update your personal information and more.

New Student Portal Navigation Help Guide​
The New Student Portal Navigation Help Guide helps guide students with recent changes and updates to

My Planner Help Guide​
My Planner contains the courses you should take in order to graduate according to your academic program and plan. You should use this guide to plan out your courses semester by semester so you can be sure to graduate with the right courses in as little time as possible.

Pre-registration Help Guide​
Before you can register, you will need to complete a few simple steps – this guide will show you what to do. 

Registration Help Guide
This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to register for credit classes in the Student Portal. 

Scheduling Preference Help Guide​
Ensure your class schedule reflects where and when you want to take classes - use this help guide to update your scheduling preferences.

Drop or Withdraw from a Class​​ 
Need to drop or withdraw for a class? Learn the difference, check your deadlines, and learn the steps by taking a look at this help guide.

Using a “What If” Report​
A “what if” report can be used to see how your classes would apply to a difference academic program/degree without having to actually change your program in the system.

Update Your FERPA Authorizations​
This help guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit who has access to your non-directory student information.  
How to Disable Pop-Ups                         
You may need to disable pop-ups in your browser to have full ​functionality in the portal.          


Faculty and Staff Help Guides           

Faculty Portal Navigation​
This help guide will show faculty how to navigate to the Faculty Center and other areas of their portal.       
Staff Portal Navigation                           
This help guide will show staff how to navigate through their portal.