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Appeal My Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Hold

​SAP Appeal Deadlines

The last date to submit an SAP appeal packet is:    January 7th for Spring 2015

How to View Holds & Alerts

Go to>Academics>Service Indicator (Holds) and Services Which May be Impacted (under the Holds and To Dos section).    

Appeal Process

Any student who has lost financial aid eligibility due to extenuating circumstances may appeal the FAH SAP hold. The SAP Appeal Form must:    
  • Be completed in consultation with an Academic Advisor at the college where you receive financial aid (your Financial Aid home campus)
  • Be submitted to the Department of Student Services
  • Explain the extenuating circumstances that caused you not to meet SAP standards [link to standards page]. Extenuating circumstances are defined as events beyond your control which led to unsatisfactory academic progress
  • Include appropriate supporting documentation from an official source, when applicable
  • Explain how the mitigating circumstances have been resolved thus allowing you to meet SAP standards going forward

How to Appeal an FAH SAP Hold

To appeal your hold, you must complete and submit an Appeal Form and attach the required documentation by the posted deadline. Please follow these steps:    
Step 1: Meet with an Academic Advisor to identify the type of hold on your student record and discuss the appeal process. Your Advisor will review your academic history and identify the semesters under review. Note: some colleges require attendance at an SAP workshop prior to the appeal process.    
Step 2: Fill-out and submit an Appeal Form and, if applicable, a Narrative Summary Form and attach documentation that supports the mitigating circumstances that caused your unsatisfactory academic performance, if applicable. Examples of mitigating circumstances (see below):    
  • Personal illness or serious injury you or an immediate family member may have suffered. Note: “immediate family member” refers to your spouse, parents, minor children or other individuals claimed as dependents on your U.S. income tax filing. If you do not file taxes, you may need to use other documentation to corroborate legal guardianship
  • Imposed employment changes
  • Other personal mitigating circumstances beyond your control
Supporting documentation must:    
  • Cover the dates of the semester(s) during which the unsatisfactory academic progress occurred
  • Support the claim(s) you made in your narrative statement
Please submit copies of all supporting documentation and keep your original documents.    
Step 3: Submit your Appeal, Narrative Summary, and, if applicable, copies of supporting documentation to your Advising Office. Your appeal will be reviewed and a decision rendered.     
Step 4: You will be notified of the decision in writing via email sent to your CCC student email account within ten (10) business days of submission. Note: this decision is final and cannot be appealed. Submitting incomplete documentation will result in a denial of your appeal, and you will not be able to submit another appeal until the next enrollment term.    
  • Notifications will be made by email sent to your CCC student email account. Please check email frequently
  • You will be notified of the results of your appeal and any restrictions or conditions pertaining to your appeal, which may include a probationary term. Failure to successfully complete all conditions during the probationary period (as defined in an SAP Academic Plan) may result in loss of financial aid eligibility
  • If your appeal is denied, you will receive information, if applicable, on how you can re-establish your financial aid eligibility without the use of financial aid
Examples of Appropriate Supporting Documentation    
Documentation must reflect the semester(s) in which unsatisfactory academic progress occurred. 
Personal Circumstances​ ​
  • Court/legal documentation
  • Police records
  • Eviction papers
  • Fire Department records
  • Divorce decree (for student or parents)
  • Military documentation
  • Invoices
  • Other official documentation​
  • ​Death certificate of immediate family member or obituary. Obituary must include student’s name and the relation to the deceased
  • Third party statement on company or agency letterhead, signed by official personnel, such as:
    • Counselor
    • Lawyer
    • Social worker
    • Religious leader
    • Licensed daycare provider
    • Other
​Personal Illness or Serious Injury ​Employment Changes
  • Letter from doctor verifying illness/injury and date(s) of visit(s)
  • Medical records
  • Rehabilitation program documentation
  • Other official medical documentation

Note: illness and/or treatment documentation from doctor should cover a minimum of two weeks​    

  • Letter from employer verifying schedule change. Note: change must be initiated by employer, not student
  • Proof of unemployment for student, spouse, or parent
  • Other official employment-related documentation