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Chicago, IL  
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Advanced Manufacturing

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Advanced Manufacturing

City Colleges of Chicago has partnered with colleges and universities to create Advanced Manufacturing pathways from CCC Associate degrees to select majors. Click a major below to see the suggested pathway. To see all College and University partners, click here.​

CNC MachiningGovernors State University2016-2017
CNC MachiningIllinois Institute of Technology2016-2017
Computer Numberic Control (CNC)Northern Illinois University2016-2017
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)Northern Illinois University2016-2017
Factory AutomationGovernors State University2016-2017
Factory AutomationIllinois Institute of Technology2016-2017
Factory AutomationNorthern Illinois University2016-2017
Factory AutomationSouthern Illinois University-Carbondale2017-2018
WeldingGovernors State University2016-2017
WeldingIllinois Institute of Technology2016-2017
WeldingNorthern Illinois University2016-2017