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Proposed Academic Curriculum Change (PACC) Process

The Proposed Academic Curriculum Changes (PACC) process provides clearly defined development and revision processes for any course or program offered by any of the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC), and is jointly implemented by the Academic and Student Affairs, and faculty, administrators and staff at each college. In particular, the PACC system:      

  • Promotes and ensures collaboration among administrators and faculty.
  • Designates a tenured, faculty member as the Curriculum Facilitator (FC) to coordinate curriculum development for each college and the district.
  • Synthesizes curriculum development and curriculum review.
  • Increases understanding of and required compliance with outside governing agencies and accrediting bodies.
  • Provides a curriculum development framework that supports the goals and expectations of external agencies and accrediting bodies.
  • Assures that new courses or programs and revisions to courses or programs support the mission and goals of the City Colleges of Chicago (CCC).
  • Provides a web-based solution to store, manage, and track changes to courses and programs.


Faculty at each college design courses and programs that address student needs in compliance with internal and external advisory boards, in support of the goals of District 508, and in alignment with industry requirements, other community colleges and four-year institutions through ICCB and IAI guidelines. The Higher Learning Commission assumes that for best practices faculty drive curriculum decisions. It is recommended that faculty be the Principal Advocates (PA) for most course and program development, oversee curriculum revisions, and implement curriculum changes. The PACC process for new courses and programs is a four-step development and evaluation process after which the curriculum proposal moves to an internal and external endorsement process:        
Step 1: Initiate - Request for PACC Proposal     
Step 2: Describe - Description of PACC Proposal at preliminary stage  
Step 3: Develop - Development of PACC Proposal by Principal Advocate with Proposal Team for College review at workshop stage
Step 4: Integrate - Verification of PACC Proposal by Principal Advocate with Joint Curriculum Development Council (JCDC) at formal stage        

​Use the links below to access information on the following curriculum changes:                       
Leave a comment and let us know how the website and the new process are working for you.​          

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