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A+ Certified Computer Technician

Information Technology A+ Certified Computer Technician

Basic Certificate (BC)

Beginning Summer 2017, this program is no longer accepting new students. Please refer to CCC’s other IT offerings.
The A+ Certified Computer Technician certificate program is an internationally recognized credential backed by major computer hardware and software companies. As a CompTIA Certified A+ Technician, graduates
will be able to: analyze computer problems; disassemble any computer for rebuild or upgrade; design and operate a company’s computer maintenance; recommend compatible hardware and software; and limit downtime and
expensive repairs by providing immediate in- house action.  

Details: Basic Certificate (BC)

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General Education Requirements

6  CH
Short Trm Busn/Profession Srvc
Introduction To Pc Hardware 1
This course begins the introduction to PC technology as identified by the objectives in CompTIA's A+ certification. The class provides the framework for understanding how a computer works from the inside out. It is the perfect start into PC hardware and operating systems. 14 hrs. $399
Offered at: Richard J. Daley
Pc Repair & Troubleshooting 2.5
Students will learn about PC hardware and system maintenance procedures. Topics include a detailed look at hardware components, power supply, upgrades, networking, maintenance and troubleshooting. In hands-on exercises, students will assign configuration settings, upgrade systems, configure SCSI devices, install printers and monitors, remove and replace components, and troubleshoot POST errors. 35 hrs. $899
Offered at: Richard J. Daley
PC Operating Systems 2.5
Students will learn installation procedures, dealing with legacy systems, creating and using emergency boot diskettes and managing printers and other devices. Other topics include networking, communication protocols, Internet access and troubleshooting. In hands-on exercises, students will install Windows operating systems, manage Windows devices, use the FDISK utility, perform backups, manage system files, configure networks, configure Internet access, and troubleshoot operating system errors. 35 hrs. $899
Offered at: Richard J. Daley

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