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Learning Communities

Linked Cohort Program

Students in the City Colleges of Chicago can often enroll in Learning Communities, where they experience a multidisciplinary exposure to a complex idea or problem.  In a Learning Community, students enroll in a collection of classes with a common theme such as:

  • Social Justice
  • Clean and Sustainable Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Urban Asthma

By taking courses in general education areas, such as English, Math, Science, Humanities and others, students are able to gain a broad and unique perspective of complex relevant issues, and how they cross traditional disciplinary lines.  Students proceed through the classes a cohort, seeing the same classmates in each class, and take part in projects that spread out over classes.

What is a L​earning Community?                    

Learning Communities are courses linked by a theme and taken by a cohort of students. The interdisciplinary approach to learning enables multiple ways to process  the content and creates a continuous academic community.

What is a L​inked Course?

Students enroll in two courses which are linked by a common project or skill. As with learning communities, two instructors collaborate to create a strong sense of community and shared learning. Integration can include any combination of the following components:                    

¨ Career exploration/employability skills                     

¨ Thematic overlap                     

¨ Shared projects (with thematic overlap)                     

¨ Service Learning project                     

What Students Are Saying:

"I benefited from the joint assignments and had a lot of fun"  

"Itmade it easier to do assignments and meet people in my class"

“I like that we all help each other with our homework and go to events together… Since we are in the same classes, we get to know each other quickly.”                     


​​Click here to see the Fall 2017: Linked Cohort Program Schedule​​​​​ 


Talk to your college advisor in room A-120, or stop in room A113, to register today!