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Thank a Teacher

Is there a teacher who changed the way you think about a discipline and inspired you to learn more? Has a professor made an extra effort to help you learn or whose passion for a subject has become your own? Has someone made a positive contribution to your college experience?   
You are invited to share a simple note of thanks or relate a short anecdote to let that teacher know what you valued and why it was important to you. Teachers don’t always know how much impact they have on students and this is a good way to share the impact they had in your life. Wright College makes is easy for you to let a professor know they made a difference.    
How to send a note:       
Please complete this form.​ ​You may choose to remain anonymous or include your name with the note.     
After you write your note:       
Your comments will be reviewed, transferred into a formal letter, and then sent to your instructor by the Center for Teaching and Learning. All notes will be sent after grades are submitted.