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Anthony Escuadro

Full Professor

PHD, Natural Sciences

Professor Anthony Escuadro is a Professor of Physics and the current chair of the Physical Science department at Harold Washington College. He received his PhD in Materials Science from Northwestern University in 2005, where his research focused on the the use of synchrotron radiation and x-ray standing waves to characterize the atomic structure of metallic submonolayers on semiconductor and oxide substrates. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern, he began his teaching career at Harold Washington in August 2007. Besides regularly teaching introductory algebra-based (Physics 221/222) and calculus-based (Physics 235/236/237) physics, his interests include the impact of physics education research on community college students, the implementation of computational physics in the introductory curriculum, and the effect of Learning Assistant programs on underrepresented populations of STEM students. He developed the HWC Learning Assistant program based on the University of Colorado Learning Assistant model, and he assists with its implementation in conjunction with the college's Academic Support Services.

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Phone: 312/553-5683
Harold Washington

Office Hours

Fall 2019|TBD