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Diesel Technology Associate in Applied Science

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Programs Diesel Technology

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

T​he Associate in Applied Science degree in Diesel Technology equips students with the skills necessary to repair and maintain diesel-powered highway, industrial, and marine vehicles and equipment. You will gain more detailed instructions in how diesel maintenance techniques and principles are applied in diagnosing malfunctions and prescribing corrective action. The course work highlights diesel service management, critical thinking and problem solving, theory and skills of refrigeration, electronic and mechanical fuel injection, chassis maintenance, vehicle inspection, tune-up, engine overhaul, transmission repair, brake service, handling hazardous waste and preventative maintenance. You will also be eligible to take the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (NAISE) examinations in heavy truck mechanics, Allison Transmission certification, and Hybrid certification.​​​​​

Details: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

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General Education Requirements

16  CH

Students should refer to the General Education Requirements for AAS degrees and speak to an advisor. The AAS model includes the State of Illinois Human Diversity requirement. 

Choose World Geography OR Principles of Economics 

Choose Intro to African-American Studies OR Intro to Latin American/Latino Studies OR The Art and Philosophy of the African Continent 

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54  CH

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This course is not added in the total minimum credit hours of this program. It can be taken as an optional/elective course. 

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