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 Extern and Intern Bios


Joanna Ceballos (She/Her) is a student extern who is currently completing a graduate program in clinical psychology. She has volunteer experience in crisis counseling where she utilizes active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety management to help people in crisis. She also has knowledge of coping skills promoted in substance abuse treatment through her volunteer experience at an addiction recovery center in Chicago.      

She is interested in using a humanistic approach in counseling. She believes the ability to discuss problems in a safe space with an honest and accepting ally can help individuals make changes to live productive and fulfilling lives. She hopes to explore how CBT techniques are utilized in therapy to address behaviors and thoughts that can cause problems.      

​​Adam Conway (He/Him) is a third-year graduate student pursuing his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology-Counseling at Roosevelt University. He has previously worked with LGBTQ, homeless, and HIV+ communities as they navigate stress and trauma at individual, interpersonal, and institutional levels. Adam believes everyone is entitled to make choices about how they live their lives, but the “big” and “little” traumas of life can interfere with our ability to see, access, and make those choices. In therapy, he strives to support others in 1) building on their own strengths & resilience and 2) healing through healthy relationships with others so that they are freer to pursue the lives they want to live. In his free time, Adam enjoys theatre, storytelling, jogging, and sharing good food with good people.     

 Brianna Ector (She/Her) is an advanced therapy extern at Malcolm X College Wellness Center. Hi!  I have a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and I am a 4th year doctoral clinical psychology student at Adler University with a concentration in traumatic stress psychology. Prior to joining Malcom X’s Wellness team, I worked as a therapy extern at Howard Brown Health Center, Southside location, as well as Hartgrove Behavioral Health System as a diagnostic extern. During my time there I provided individual and group therapy as well as diagnostic assessment to adults and adolescents in the community. 

My theoretical orientation falls in the Humanistic/ Existential realm as it is Relational Constructivism. I believe that we as humans are in constant movement searching for meaning and guided by our relationships with others. I value the uniqueness of the human experience and recognize the importance of building healthy relationships based upon mutual trust and respect, that the foster autonomy and empowerment of each individual.      

Ms. Khya Elkins (She/Her)  has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from St. Xavier University and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree and licensure in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. Prior to working at Malcolm X College, she has worked with minority individuals living with Alzheimer’s Disease promoting wellness, purpose, and activity-based stimulation in adult day care settings. She has also worked with patients presenting with personality disorders and schizophrenia offering novel insight, tools for behavioral change, and unconditional positive regard. Additionally, she has experience in providing interventions for individuals struggling with Alcoholism.   

Ms. Elkins utilizes a CBT and DBT orientation which stresses the power that our behaviors may have on our thoughts, routines, and outlook. She believes that acknowledging, combatting, addressing, and healing from our negative processes and the painful perceptions that come from our traumatic experiences are crucial to experiencing relief from internalizing the oppressive, stigmatizing, and maladaptive hardships this world forces us to combat every day of our lives. She believes that collaboratively working together to answer the questions, “What is the problem?” “How does this problem affect you?”, and “What is within your power to fix?”, are the foundations to forging an adaptive, self-regulated, self-esteem hat allows for us to navigate the world with a newfound positive and hopeful lens.       

 Megan Ensley (She/Her) is a doctoral-level diagnostic and therapy trainee at the MXC Wellness Center. She was previously a therapy trainee at the MXC Wellness Center during the '19-'20 school year, and is excited to be back in the MXC community this year. Megan is a third-year Psy.D. student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Prior to attending The Chicago School, she served as a teaching assistant and co-leader for small groups at Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Megan's therapeutic approach is Humanistic with an acknowledgement of the systems (both large and small) that impact a person's life. She believes that therapy is a collaborative process and she is honored to be a small part of each client's journey. 

Caitlin Geary (She/Her)  is a fourth-year doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at Adler University, with an emphasis in Traumatic Stress. She also has a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Adler University and a Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health from Auburn University in Auburn, AL Counseling. Caitlin has previous therapy experiences working in community mental health centers and an inpatient psychiatric hospital. She is thrilled about working within a college system and learning more about unique stressors and systemic barriers that individuals face today. Caitlin uses cognitive behavioral therapy during sessions and works with clients to build a therapeutic relationship in order to assist clients' individual needs in various areas in life. She believes that the relationship in the room with a client, or on the phone/video, is crucial to create mutual respect and encourage healthy goals. Outside from the therapist office, Caitlin enjoys tending to fur children, passionately watching college football, and fighting to reduce the stigma against Slytherins everywhere.  

Sean-Michael Green (He/Him) is currently a third-year student at Roosevelt University.   Hi!  I am enrolled in the Clinical Psychology Counseling Practice program seeking to obtain my MA. I am passionate about translating my personal experiences into writing, exploring the nuances of politics, morality, and philosophy, and advocating for the wellbeing and prosperity of people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized demographics that have historically received the short end of the stick, so to speak. While I recognize the value and utility in theoretical orientations of many kinds, my heart belongs to existential humanism. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone inherently has the capacity to make meaning out of their experiences, and it is through that meaning that we exist between a broad spectrum of feelings, thoughts, and aspirations. In a safe, therapeutic environment, my goal is to help others explore their meaning-making process and work with them to develop a process that best embodies what is most meaningful to them.      

Hannah Maxwell (She/Her) is currently working towards a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. Her previous experience with clients includes career development with veterans and people experiencing homelessness in a community mental health setting. Her approach to therapeutic services is client-centered and focuses on a collaborative relationship that prioritizes clients’ individual needs. She believes in being flexible, genuine, and creative in supporting clients to achieve their goals, and acknowledges the effect that cultural systems have on an individual’s development. The process of  sharing our inner experience and analyzing our patterns can feel vulnerable, and she aims to create a safe space that guarantees empathy and respect.    

Desi Mendez (She/Her) is an extern student for the 2020-2021 academic year and is currently in her last year of her Masters in Clinical Psychology program at Roosevelt University. Desi has experience working with children and adolescents, youth in underprivileged communities, individuals with different abilities and traumatic brain injuries, and served as a peer mentor at her university.      

Desi’s clinical interests include emotion regulation, depression, anxiety, trauma, and substance abuse. She is also interested in incorporating cognitive-behavioral and multicultural approaches during her practice. Meaning, she believes you think how you feel and you feel how you think, while also recognizing that an individual’s unique background and experiences can contribute to their healing journey. She aims to create a safe, open, and non-judgmental environment for everyone she sees.     


Kelsey Schroeder (She/Her) is in her second year as an extern at the MXC Wellness Center.  Hi!  I am excited to be back and continue to work with students to offer a space to explore their challenges and celebrate triumphs. I value the aspect of teamwork while engaging in the therapeutic relationship. I approach clients with an awareness of the holistic understanding of their context. I strive to meet my clients where they are at, and work alongside them to offer support and empower them on their journey.      

Academically, I am enrolled in the Clinical Psychology Doctorate program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The settings have worked in include community mental health, inpatient, and college counseling. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside with my dog, Iverson, and watching Netflix shows like The Umbrella Academy.       




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