Web Resources for Career Exploration

From the ALRC online course: Ready, Set, Goal: Setting Academic and Career Goals with ESL Students


Of Interest


ESL Level

  Career Clusters and Pathways information

  Career and technical education information


Advance CTE: State Leaders Connecting Learning to Work http://www.careertech.org

This website provides descriptions of Career Clusters, Career Pathways, and many other resources on career and technical education (CTE).

Career Clusters http://www.careertech.org/career-clusters

CTE in Illinois https://careertech.org/Illinois

Downloadable list of Career Clusters and Pathways https://careertech.org/sites/default/files/CareerClustersPathways.pdf


(This site is a resource for teachers)

  Skill Survey

  Interest Survey

  Short videos describing jobs

  Occupation Profiles



Career One Stop www.careeronestop.org

This website of the U.S. Department of Labor provides an enormous amount of up-to-date information about careers, the job market, and how to obtain employment.

Skill Survey: http://www.careeronestop.org/ExploreCareers/Assessments/skills.aspx

Interest Survey: http://www.careeronestop.org/explorecareers/assessments/interests.aspx

Videos about Jobs: http://www.careeronestop.org/Videos/default.aspx

Occupation Profiles: http://tinyurl.com/occupationprofiler



  Downloadable Curriculum

  Lessons and Adaptable Handouts


Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL Classroom http://www.collegetransition.org/publications.icacurriculum.html

This curriculum features 42 lessons on topics such as skills and interests, occupational exploration, and career planning. Lessons are suitable for intermediate and advanced ESL students.

Adaptable Lesson Handouts:



Intermediate and Advanced

  Basic Internet Lessons

  Resume Builder


Job Scout


This website features a simple design and easy language.


High Beginner


  Interest Survey (online and download)

  Career Clusters

  Career Pathways


Minnesota Career Pathways

Although this site was developed for Minnesota users, it is helpful to anyone.

Interest Survey: https://www.careerwise.mnscu.edu/careers/interestassessment.html This survey has 42 yes/no questions.

Career Clusters: https://www.careerwise.mnscu.edu/careers/clusters.html

Career Pathways and Training Information: http://www.mncareerpathways.org/pathways/clusterPathways?cl=01&sort=pn





  Interest Survey


  Career Exploration


My Next Move


This is a website designed for students and job seekers.

Interest Survey: http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip

Career Exploration: http://www.mynextmove.org/find/browse?c=56


Intermediate with some assistance

  Digital literacy skill assessment


Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment https://www.digitalliteracyassessment.org

This website features an online assessment of digital skills to help users see what digital skills they have and where they have gaps.


High Beginner


  Online modules for learning basic digital skills


Northstar Learning Guide https://guides.sppl.org/Northstar/Home

This guide is a set of short online modules that teach basic digital literacy skills.


High Beginner

  Interest Survey

(online and download)

  Career Exploration


Virginia Career View

This website is relevant to all users, not only Virginia residents.

Who R U? Interest Survey Online: http://vacareerview.org/68/check-it/who-r-u/

Download: http://eao.arizona.edu/sites/eao.arizona.edu/files/Career%20inventory.pdf

Career Exploration: http://vacareerview.org/pro/know-about-careers/career-search



High Beginner