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Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate is a collaboration tool designed specifically for education. Helping you take rich interactive learning and collaborate opportunities on-line. It facilitates highly effective engaging on-line instructions help and administrative meetings. Faculty can create live sessions for free from a course for teaching, learning and other purposes. Users can join Collaborate using their mobile device. Collaborate gives student a choice to access learning and to collaborate the way they want and expect to on their mobile devices.​

Collaborate Ultra (New)

Blackboard recently released an updated version of Blackboard Collaborate named ‘Collaborate Ultra’, the updated version offers a modern and streamlined interface for participating in a session with improved audio and video quality. Present PowerPoint slides or share a PDF file with students, or try the easy-to-use application sharing feature, with thumbnails of each program you have running so you can be confident you will share the correct one. Best of all, unlike the current version of Blackboard Collaborate, Ultra opens directly in a web browser, so there is nothing to install or download to join a session. No Java needed! Below are some support links:         

Collaborate Training Resources

Participant Training          

  • Participant Orientation (recording)
  • Getting Started for Participants (PDF)
  • Essentials for Participants (HTML)
  • Participant's Guide (HTML)
  • Accessibility Guide (HTML | PDF)
  • Using Telephony for Participants (PDF)
  • Getting Started with Mobile (Android) Web Conferencing for Participants (PDF)
  • Getting Started with Mobile (iOS) Web Conferencing for Participants (PDF)
  • Mobile for iOS User's Guide (HTML for desktop | HTML for mobile device)
  • Mobile for Android User's Guide (PDF) (HTML for mobile device)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Moderator Training          

  • Overview for Moderators (recording)
  • Joining a Session From a Course (recording)
  • Sharing a Guest Link for Your Session (PDF)
  • Getting Started for Moderators (PDF)
  • Essentials for Moderators (HMTL)
  • Moderator's Guide (HTML)
  • How to find recording link in SAS (recording)
  • Accessibility Guide (HTML | PDF)
  • Mobile (Android) Web Conferencing Session Management Tips for Moderators (PDF)
  • Mobile (iOS) Web Conferencing Session Management Tips for Moderators (PDF)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Quick Reference Guide - MAC Users (PDF)

System Requirements Check

For first time users, click on the one-time only System Requirement check to see if you have everything you need to get started: System Requirements Check        

Collaborate Test Link and Collaborate Launcher

Login to a Collaborate Test Link        

Download, install, and test the Collaborate Launcher by using the following link

Once you download this file, double-click to open and install. After you open the .collab file with the launcher, the room will load and you will enter as a participant.


Collaborate Launcher

To open a .collab file, you will require Collaborate Launcher installed on your computer.