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Apply for Graduation

Each prospective graduate is responsible for applying for graduation.      

Graduation Requirements for Degree & Certificate Programs

To be eligible to graduate from any credit certificate or degree program, you must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses used to satisfy core curriculum requirements and hold a minimum Graduation GPA of 2.0 or higher. Elective courses with a “D” final grade may count towards graduation. This policy is effective August 1, 2013 for all students entering or returning to the City Colleges of Chicago. Students who graduated prior to August 1, 2013 must hold either a minimum Graduation GPA or Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Graduation Campus

In accordance with CCC Academic Policy, the Graduation Campus is the CCC college where the majority of your Graduation Credit Hours (excludes pre-credit/remedial hours) were earned; the Graduation Campus must offer the program. If not, then the Graduation Campus is the college that offers the program where the most Graduation Credit Hours were earned. In case of a tie between two colleges, you can choose your Graduation Campus.  

Graduation Review Process

You can enter the graduation process in one of two ways:     

Option 1: Confirm your degree intent in “Academic Goals” section of the student portal: log in at, click on “My Academic Plan”, “Academic Planning”, then “Academic Goals”.  Confirm that your academic program (degree) is correct and submit.    

Option 2: Submit a graduation application in your student portal: log in at, click “My Academic Plan”, “Graduation”, then “Apply for Graduation”.  Please note that if you have previously confirmed your Academic Goals, you will not be able to submit a graduation application.     

​​​Once you have confirmed that your academic plan is entered into the system correctly, our system will automatically check for degree eligibility based on your degree audit.

Your degree audit compares your academic history to the graduation requirements for your academic program.  You can see your degree audit in your student portal by logging in at, going to “My Academic Plan”, “Academic Planning”, and “Degree Audit”.      

If you notice that your degree audit is not completely satisfied but you think you have met all graduation requirements, speak with your advisor immediately.  He/she will alert you to any remaining requirements and ensure you can graduate.    

When your degree audit has been satisfied, your graduation application will be conditionally approved.  This means that you must pass all in-progress coursework before you can graduate.       

After grades have posted at the end of the term, your college’s Registrar will do a final review of your academic history and verify that you meet all graduation requirements.  If you do, your degree will be awarded to your account.  Congratulations!      ​​​​​


All email notifications about the status of your application will be sent to you CCC student email account.

Requirements for a Second Degree

Students may earn a second degree after earning a degree from CCC. However, the second degree must be different from the first degree earned and the requirements for the second degree cannot be contained within the first degree.  For instance, you cannot enroll in an Associate in General Studies degree after completing an Associate in Arts degree. Students seeking a second degree or certificate must successfully complete a minimum of 15 additional credit hours at CCC after the first degree has been posted to the student’s records.

Commencement & Certificate Recognition Ceremony

The Commencement ceremony is held once per year.  Visit for information.            

Please contact your Registrar for additional information regarding the graduation process.      

Registrars Phone Number​ Fax Number​
Richard J. Daley College​ (773) 838-7600​ (773) 838-7605​
Harold Washington College (312) 553-6061​ (312) 553-6077​
Kennedy-King College​ (773) 602-5062​ (773) 602-5055​
Malcolm X College (312) 850-7105 (312) 850-7092​
Olive-Harvey College​ (773) 291-6401​ (773) 291-6185​
Harry S Truman College​ (773) 907-6814​ (773) 907-4757​
Wilbur Wright College​ (773) 481-8060​ (773) 481-8053​



​There is no fee to apply for graduation.



​All eligible students in credit degree or certificate programs can apply for graduation through their student portal

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