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Residency Verification

Residency Verification

Residency verification is required to determine tuition for students and is generally required for new students. Please note that the address on your verification documents MUST MATCH the address you provided to CCC upon admission application. If the address is incorrect, you must update your address at the Registrar’s Office and bring two documents listed below.

Residency Verification - New Students

New students must submit at least one of the preferred documents listed below at the time of first enrollment or upon a change in academic career and may be asked to verify residency more than once depending upon the length of his/her enrollment. Note: document(s) submitted as proof of residency may be subject to further verification.

Residency Verification - Independent Students

Independent students must verify their residency by presenting at least one of the preferred documents in the student's name listed below:

  • Valid driver's license or State of Illinois identification card
  • Valid voter registration card
  • Copy of current lease or mortgage statement
  • Current utility bill (60 days or less): water, electric, gas, or home phone (mobile phone bills are not accepted 
  • Foreign Consular ID card that includes a current address
  • Current orders or a letter from Command for military service persons 
  • Signed letter on letterhead from a homeless shelter confirming residency in the shelter
  • Chicago Public Schools (CPS) transcript that meets each of the following four requirements:
  • – CPS transcript must be official:
    • Mailed from CPS in sealed envelope, or
    • Sent from CPS electronically via secure vendor, or
    • Hand delivered from student or other designee in sealed envelope from CP
    – CPS transcript must show senior year semester either in progress, completed, or graduation date
    • For Early College students only, semester in progress may be sophomore, junior, or senior year
    – CPS transcript address must match CCC records from admission application
    – CPS transcript can be used:      
    • While enrolled at CPS, or
    • Up to nine (9) months after the graduation date from CPS, or
    • If no graduation date is listed, up to nine (9) months from the ending date of the last semester transcripted

Residency Verification - Dependent Students

Dependent students are those who do not meet the definition of an independent student, above. Dependent students must verify residency by presenting the above (Independent Students) documents and/or the following document(s) in the parent’s name at the student's address:

  • Copy of current lease or mortgage statement
  • Current utility bill (60 days or less): water, electric, gas, or home phone (mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • Early College students only: Valid high school issued student ID card. Students with a non-Chicago Public Schools (CPS) high school ID card must also prove City of Chicago residency by submitting one or more residency verification documents. For more information, see Early College Program.

New students should verify their residency at the Admissions Office or the Registrar's Office.