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Apply to the Nursing Program

City Colleges of Chicago is pleased to announce two program changes.              
  1. Eligible students may apply to the Practical Nursing program and the AAS program throughout the year.
  2. The AAS program will admit students twice a year—fall and spring semesters. The PN program and the LPN Bridge pathway admission will admit once a year.
How to Apply

Prospective A.A.S. Degree and LPN Bridge students complete the A.A.S. Degree in Nursing online application (available September 2017).             

Prospective Practical Nursing students complete the Practical Nursing online application (available September 2017).             

Additional Information
  • Acceptance into the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing (CCCSON) is competitive and requires prior admission to CCC.
  • Nursing pre-requisites can be completed at any one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago​​ or an accredited institution.
  • Review the "Nursing Student Handbook" link in the "Nursing Resources" section of this page to obtain a better understanding of the time commitment, academic, and functional expectations if extended acceptance into the CCCSON Program.
  • Applicants must take the ATI exam at one of the City Colleges of Chicago locations for the scores to be taken into consideration for the CCC Nursing application.
  • Students completing pre-requisite courses may apply for admission.
  • LPN Bridge Program students must complete the application process by the end of the spring semester. Accepted students must self-enroll for Nursing 140 which begins during the summer session.
  • Students completing the final pre-requisite requirement of BNA during the fall 2017 semester may apply for spring 2018 AAS nursing program. CNA certification must be attained prior to the end of the spring 2018 semester. Students will not progress in the nursing program if this condition is not met.