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Apply for the FAFSA PIN


What is it used for?

Having a PIN will allow you to submit the FAFSA on the web without printing, signing, and mailing the signature page. With a PIN, the FAFSA is processed immediately online. If you are required to mail the signature page, it will delay the processing of your FAFSA by 5 to 10 days. Having a PIN will also allow you to make corrections to the FAFSA you filed online if you need to change any of the information, sign your Federal Student Loan Promissory notes online, and access information about your student loans online.

 Who needs a PIN?

 Anyone who must sign the FAFSA will need a PIN. Most families apply for two pins, one for the student and at least one parent. Each person needing a PIN must apply for one separately.


Can you use the PIN you already have?

Yes. All students who submitted the FAFSA online last year have been mailed a PIN. If you know your PIN, you do not need another one. If you can’t find or don’t remember your PIN, see “What do you do if you lose your PIN?” below.

How do you apply for a PIN?

•Go to
•Choose “Apply for a PIN”
•Supply your name, social security number, date of birth, mailing address, and email address. Be sure this information is identical to the information on your social security card.
•Submit the request.
•Write down the confirmation number that appears on the screen letting you know your request was received.

How do you receive your PIN?

The U. S. Department of Education will confirm the identifying information with the Social Security Administrative database. After a successful match, a PIN will be generated and a PIN will be sent to the email address you provided when you submitted the PIN request online. You will receive your PIN in approx. 24 hours.

What do you do if you lose your PIN?

You can use the PIN Application described above to request your PIN be mailed to you again. If you think your PIN has been compromised or lost, you may apply for a new PIN using the option “Change My PIN” on the website provided above. You will receive your new PIN by email within about 72 hours.  Be certain the email address listed on this site is correct, if not, please update it.







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