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Associate in Science (AS)

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Many people think of mathematics as a dry, abstract subject that has little to do with real life. Nothing could be further from the truth. We can thank mathematics for what we know about the reaches of outer space and the depths of the ocean. We need mathematics to build skateboard ramps, balance checkbooks, and bake cookies. And those who take their mathematics studies beyond the basics have a world of great career options ahead of them. If you enjoy puzzling over mathematics problems and explaining concepts to others, the Mathematics Education pathway might be for you. This pathway allows you to transfer to a four-year college as a junior, earn your bachelor’s degree and teacher certification and become a mathematics teacher.

Details: Associate in Science (AS)

Transfer Pathway

Credit Hours (CH)


Program/Plan Number


Funding Options






Program General Requirements

37 CH

See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Program Core Requirements


Additional Requirements


Program Elective Requirements

23 CH
​See the GPS map for specifics and choose your courses with your College Advisor.

Area of Focus


Focus Electives



Total Minimum Credit Hours

Career Pathways

Education Education

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