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Manufacturing Computer Numeric Control Machining

Advanced Certificate (AC)

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CNC Machining Emphasis Advanced Certificate
Computer Numerical Control (or CNC) Machining is a challenging and rewarding career that combines mechanical and digital skills to sculpture metal with incredible precision.The basic certificate provides the skills and knowledge to setup and operate CNC lathes and mills, while the Advanced Certificate adds Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) skills. Certificate completers will be able to gain entry level jobs as a CNC machine operator or machinist trainee, while the Advanced Certificate completers will be able to pursue additional entry-level positions as CAD/CAM technicians or CNC programmers, as well as tool and die apprenticeships.     

Details: Advanced Certificate (AC)

Credit Hours (CH)


Program/Plan Number


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Program General Requirements

7 CH

Program Core Requirements

30 CH
Students at Daley should take Wire Electrical Discharge Machining.
Students at Wright should take Multi Axis Machining.

Additional Requirements


Program Elective Requirements


Area of Focus


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Total Minimum Credit Hours

Career Pathways

Manufacturing Advanced Manufacturing

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