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City Colleges of Chicago Healthcare Programs Nursing

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

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How to Apply

Complete the A.A.S. Degree in Nursing online application​.                  
The A.A.S. degree program in Nursing prepares students through the study of nursing theory and patient care techniques to take the licensure examination for Registered Professional Nurses (RN). Both classroom instruction and clinical experiences in Chicago and surrounding suburban area hospitals and primary care facilities are provided. The curriculum is designed to lead the student to employment as a Registered Professional Nurse in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physicians’ offices, schools, public health, government, and military, or industry.                                    
Admission Requirements for the Nursing Program:                                      
  • Acceptance into the Nursing Program is competitive and requires prior admission to CCC as well as a separate admissions process.                       
  • Nursing pre-requisites can be completed at any one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago.                                    
  • Proof of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate is required at the time of application to the Nursing program.                 
This program requires students to submit a separate application or take additional action before enrolling. You can learn more about the program and the application process here.

Details: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Career Pathway

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16 CH

​All prerequisite courses (4) must be completed prior to the posted online application deadline. Prerequisite courses (4) include:                                 

English 101 with a "C" or higher

Biology 121 with a "C" or higher

Chemistry 121 with a "C" or higher

Math 118 or higher with a "C" or higher             

Program General Requirements


Students should refer to the General Education Requirements for AAS degrees and speak to an advisor. The A.A.S. model includes the State of Illinois Human Diversity requirement.                                  

Program Core Requirements

53 CH

​The following Nursing courses are divided into four semesters:                                  

Semester 1: Nursing 101                                  

Semester 2: Nursing 102                                  

Semester 3: Nursing 210, 211                                  

Semester 4: Nursing 212, 213, 203                                  

Additional Requirements


Program Elective Requirements


Area of Focus


Focus Electives



Total Minimum Credit Hours

Career Pathways