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City Colleges of Chicago Healthcare Programs RN Completion

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Beginning Summer 2016, this program is no longer accepting new students. Please refer to the Nursing program at Malcolm X. 

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The A.A.S. degree program in Nursing RN Completion provides students who have completed a Practical Nursing Program with the nursing coursework that will result in an Associate in Applied Science degree in Nursing. This is a ladder program designed to provide an opportunity for Practical Nursing (PN) graduates to continue their education by building on their previous education rather than repeating previously learned material. The A.A.S. in Nursing program prepares students to become registered nurses through licensure from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and to meet critical local, state, and national needs for nursing professionals. Successful completion of the program will allow the student to apply to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensure examination.        

Admission Requirements for the RN Completion Nursing Program:       

Admission is competitive. The District has one admission policy for all the City Colleges of Chicago RN Programs. Students seeking admission must first successfully complete the entire program of study to become a practical nurse (PN). What makes the RN Completion program unique is that students seeking admission into the program are not required to take the NCLEX-PN Licensure Examination. 

The online application process will streamline the admission process and allow prospective students to apply by submitting one single application which will be reviewed by the CCC Nursing Program Admissions Committee. However, receiving and completing the application for a Nursing program does not guarantee admission. In addition, indicating the college preference choices also does not guarantee


Details: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

Career Pathway

Credit Hours (CH)


Program/Plan Number


Funding Options

Offered At


Career Possibilities




17 CH
Choose Chemistry 121 OR Chemistry 201.

Program General Requirements

17 CH

Choose Mathematics 118 OR Mathematics 125. 

Program Core Requirements

27 CH

Additional Requirements



Program Elective Requirements


Area of Focus


Focus Electives


Required Work-Based Learning Courses

9 CH
​Students must select a minimum of 9 credit hours from the following courses:
Total Minimum Credit Hours

Career Pathways

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