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Midstate College Transfer Welcome

Midstate College Students: Continue your education with City Colleges

Information for Students Affected by Closure of Midstate College   
City Colleges of Chicago wants to assist any and all students impacted by the closure of Midstate College. Our Admissions Specialists are ready and waiting to help students review their transcripts and transfer to a City Colleges' program to continue their education.     

City Colleges offers certificate and degree programs that can make students career-ready in as little as one semester or help them earn a degree from a four-year university. Our many partnerships with industry-leading businesses and colleges create ample opportunities to help students enter fulfilling, high-demand fields.     
Registration for the 16-week Fall 2019 semester ends August 22nd, and classes start August 26th. We invite all interested students to contact an Admissions Specialist or call 773-COLLEGE. Students who are ready to apply may do so at​. We look forward to meeting you!     
Transferring Credits to CCC     
Students who successfully completed non-remedial coursework at Midstate College may transfer college level coursework to City Colleges of Chicago. It is important to note the evaluation process that City Colleges undertakes to review your coursework for transfer credit may take several weeks. Please be aware that not all credits may transfer in to CCC and students may not know if their current courses will transfer until after the start of the Fall 2019 semester.     
Students looking to transfer their college credits to City Colleges are strongly encouraged to contact a City Colleges representative at 773-COLLEGE to discuss their specific situation.      
To review CCC policy, see Transfer Credit Policies. Under CCC’s policy awarding transfer credit using Prior Learning Assessment, there is an option for students to receive credit for prior learning. It is important to note the process that City Colleges undertakes to evaluate for prior learning may take several weeks, so be aware that students may not know if their previous learning will be applicable towards City Colleges programs until after the start of the Spring 2019 semester.      
Apply Today!     
To speak to a City Colleges representative prepared to assist students impacted by this closure, please contact 773-COLLEGE. To apply to City Colleges online, go to