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Congratulations! The end of your CCC studies is near and your diploma is almost in hand! CCC will hold its 2015 commencement ceremony for a​ssociate degree completers of all seven City Colleges on Saturday May 2, 2015.                                      

We hope you will participate in the 2015 commencement ceremony and that you will have family and friends join you for this momentous occasion as your name is read and you are recognized on stage. Spring 2015 graduates who apply for graduation after Sunday, March 15, 2015 may be eligible for degree completion, but will not be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony.         

Please see important information below to help you prepare for this special day.​        

Gradfest Events
As graduation approaches, each college will have special events, graduate photos and mandatory graduation orientations for students in preparation for the May 2, 2015 commencement ceremony.   

Click on the schedules below to see what Gradfest events are planned at your college. Students participating in the ceremony must attend a graduation orientation. These orientations will be the student's opportunity to receive first come, first served tickets for the ceremony, graduation announcements, receive honor cords, veteran cords, Psi Beta cords and stoles (if applicable).  Students must have photo ID and be eligible to graduate to participate in GradFest 2015.


Honors Cords, Veteran Cords, Psi Beta Cords and Phi Theta Kappa Stoles                            
These items are free of charge and reserved for students who meet various eligibility requirements. Cords and stoles will be available for pick-up during commencement orientation, starting the week of Monday, April 20th. Please check with your college's Gradfest schedule on the links above for specific days, times and location.                                                       

Graduation Photos         
During GradFest activities, students will be able to get personal graduation photos taken. Click on your college below to schedule your graduatio​n photograph appointment through Grad Images.        

Daley College                  
Kennedy-King College                  
Malcolm X College                  
Olive-Harvey College                  
Truman College                  
Wright College​                 

Graduation Announcements                            
Graduation announcements will be provided to each student during commencement orientation, starting the week of GradFest, Monday, April 20th. Please check with your college's Gradfest schedule on the links above for specific days, times and location. 
Please note: Announc​ements are not tickets and will not grant admission to the commencement ceremony.       

Commencement Tickets                                                            
All commencement tickets will be distributed during commencement orientation, starting the week of GradFest, Monday, April 20th. Please check with your college's Gradfest schedule on the links above for specific days, times and location.   

Please note: You will be required to present a photo ID in order to receive your commencement tickets and graduation packet.                                                           

Tickets are not for sale, nor should they be brought or sold. The City Colleges of Chicago does not support or condone the selling of commencement tickets. Please disregard any advertisement or person who is selling or claims to be selling commencement tickets. Every commencement ticket is printed as "Not for Sale".         

CCC Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremony will take place:         

Saturday, May 2, 2015  
12:00 PM  
University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion  
525 S. Racine Ave., Chicago, IL  

City Colleges of Chicago Alumni Association                                    
Your involvement with City Colleges doesn't end with graduation.  When you graduate you will join an elite group of individuals who, just like you, received their degree or certificate from City Colleges. As a member of the City Colleges of Chicago Alumni Association you are entitled to a variety of benefits and services including special invitations to events, use of college career services, networking events, and more. Check the City Colleges of Chicago Alumni Association website for more information. Don't forget to join us on LinkedIn and like us on Facebook​ too!         

Many students have specific questions about graduation, and the commencement ceremony. You may find the answer in our Commencement FAQ. You can also find a downloadable version on the r​ight side of the page.      

Up-to-date information about the Spring 2015 Commencement will be available online at this address. If you have any questions about the graduation ceremony, please send an email to        

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