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Tobacco-Free Policy

      Healthy Campus Policy           

I. PURPOSE       
City Colleges of Chicago is committed to providing students, employees, faculty and visitors a safe, clean, green and healthy environment. The benefits of a tobacco-free campus include reduced exposure to the health hazards of smoking, improved health of students, employees and visitors and decreased maintenance costs. Further, the United States Surgeon General has stated that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.  Breathing secondhand smoke for even a short time can be harmful and set processes in motion such as cancer, heart disease and/or respiratory conditions. 
In order to protect its students, employees and visitors from the harmful and hazardous effects of secondhand smoke, City Colleges of Chicago will implement this policy which shall be known as the City Colleges of Chicago Healthy Campus Policy (“Policy”).    
Effective March 1, 2012, City Colleges of Chicago will expand current policies to become a completely tobacco-free campus (including smokeless tobacco products), prohibiting the use of all tobacco products on all of its Colleges’ campuses, satellite locations, District Office and offsite facilities, including parking lots.  A healthy campus is defined as a tobacco-free campus which prohibits the use of all forms of tobacco (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookah, electronic cigarettes, chew, snuff, and other smokeless tobacco products) and the sale of these products on campus-owned or leased property, including buildings, grounds, plazas, ramps, parking lots and outdoor common areas.  No ashtrays or smoking shelters are provided on tobacco-free campus grounds.

To minimize health risk, improve the quality of air and enhance City Colleges of Chicago environment, no consumption of tobacco or tobacco product is allowed on any College property or in any College facility; this includes all buildings, College owned or leased vehicles, walkways, inside College or fleet vehicles, College grounds, sidewalks and streets within the campus proper and any other college owned property.  Littering the campus with the remains of tobacco products or any other disposable product is prohibited. The institution will display notices of the healthy campus policy at all College locations.  

In furtherance of this policy, City Colleges of Chicago actively promotes smoking cessation assistance and prevention services to students, faculty and employees who wish to stop using tobacco products.
Assistance to students, faculty and employees to overcome addiction to tobacco products and information regarding cessation programs is available through the various City Colleges of Chicago Wellness Centers or other partners.    
This policy applies to all College students, faculty, employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors.  It is the responsibility of every member of the College community to conduct him or herself in compliance with this policy.    
City Colleges of Chicago recognizes that individuals may need help to quit or refrain from smoking.  In this regard, assistance with smoking cessation and prevention education is available through the Wellness Center at each campus or a referral to a community based organization.  

City Colleges of Chicago will post signs regarding the Healthy Campus Policy appropriately throughout all College campuses, satellite locations and facilities.
Enforcement of this Policy will depend on the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students not only to comply with this policy, but also to encourage others to comply with this Policy in order to promote a healthy environment in which to work and learn. It is the responsibility of the College community, including visitors, to observe this Policy.  All administrators, deans, directors, department chairs, and supervisors will communicate this Policy to everyone within their areas of responsibility.     

In all cases, the Office of Safety and Security at the Colleges and other facilities will assist in helping students, faculty and employees who identify a violation. The Office of Safety and Security is responsible for determining policy applicability and will answer policy related questions. Anyone who witnesses or otherwise becomes aware of a violation of this Policy may report the violation to the appropriate College representative:  

a. Reports of student violations should be made to the Dean of Students for the campus on which the violation occurred.
b. Reports of Faculty/Employee violations should be made to the Vice President for the campus on which the violation occurred.
c. Reports of visitor or contractor/vendor violations should be made to Campus Public Safety.   

1.     Students, Faculty or employees deemed to have violated this policy may be subject to College disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to the following:

a. Verbal notice, provide educational literature and referral to preventive services or Community Service at a Smoke Free program. 

2.     Visitors who violate this policy, including contractors/vendors and those acting on their behalf, may be denied access to College property.  

City Colleges of Chicago is committed to providing support to all students, faculty and staff personnel who wish to stop using tobacco products. City Colleges of Chicago is committed to ensuring that students, faculty and staff have access to several types of assistance, including tobacco cessation programs, telephone or group counseling and educational programs.

Successful implementation of this Policy requires a District-wide cooperative effort. All members of the City Colleges of Chicago community are urged to assist in this endeavor of significant importance.