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Ways to pay for your education

Tuition Payment Deadline: Updated for Spring 2​020

Credit students must demonstrate a verified way to pay for their classes within three days of registering for their first class in the upcoming semester. This deadline is different from that of the Fall 2019 semester.  Students who do not make their tuition payment arrangements, or who make a partial payment without setting up a payment plan, will be removed from their registered classes.                             

Important notes:                               

  • Students have three days to make tuition payment arrangements starting the day after they first register for class. If, for example, a student registers at any point on a Wednesday, then Thursday is considered Day 1, Friday is considered Day 2, and Saturday is considered Day 3. In this scenario, a student must make payment arrangements by 11:59 p.m. on Saturday.
  • ​The tuition payment deadline begins when a student completes registration for at least one class. If the student adds to their schedule days after beginning the registration process, they are still held to the original deadline.
For example: If you register for even just one class on November 6th, your payment deadline is November 9th. If you add a class on November 20th, your payment deadline was still November 9th and therefore has passed. You have until 11:59pm of November 20th to confirm payment.  

*However, students who register on Friday, January 10th will have until 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 12th to arrange payment. This is due to the updated registration deadline. 

Learn more in the tuition payment deadline FAQ​. If you still have questions, call 773-COLLEGE.                            

Where to find your payment deadline:

Current students can find their individual tuition payment arrangement deadline by logging into their student portal at                             

Once logged in, they will see a notification in the Alerts/Tasks/Holds section:                              


Clicking on the words "Payment Deadline Reminder" will take students to the page shown below, where they will see their payment deadline:



New students will see a pop-up with their tuition payment deadline upon logging into the student portal:                         



Ways to Pay Yo​ur Tuition​

Students​ have many different options for paying their CCC tuition costs​:                           

Financial Aid

We encourage all eligible students to complete the FAFSA as early as possible and determine whether you qualify for federal and state financial aid. See our step-by-step guide on applying for financial aid or receive in-person help at any CCC Financial Aid Office.                                                 

Set up a Payment ​Plan   

CCC offers a monthly payment plan, which requires a credit card or a checking account. Students who make a partial payment without setting up a payment plan will be removed from their registered classes.                                 

To set up a payment plan, students must log in to the student portal at and click on Student Finance Account > Account Services > Enroll in Payment Plan. To set up a payment plan:                                                 
  • Log in to with your CCC username and password                       
  • Click on Student Finance Account > Account Services > Enroll in Payment Plan

Pay Your Tuition in Full     

This requires a credit card or a checking account. To pay your tuition in full:                                                  
  • Log in to with your CCC username and password                       
  • Click on Student Finance Account > Account Services > Make a Payment      
In person            
Please bring payment (cash, check, money order) to your college’s Business Office window. Self-serve computers are also available to make credit card payments.                        

NOTE: If you're having trouble with your online payment, please check your browser. Microsoft Edge may give you an error message. Chrome is the preferred browser to use when making tuition payments.


Learn about scholarship opportunities available through City Colleges or other organizations.           


Vetera​ns Benefits

If you are a service member, veteran or a dependent of a veteran, we encourage you to connect with the Veterans Services Center at your college.                                       

Federal Direct Stud​ent Loans

You must request Federal Direct Loans in-person by visiting your college Financial Aid Office.                                       

Employer Tuition Reimbu​rsement

Many companies offer tuition assistance to their employees. Check with your employer benefits department.                      

Tuitio​n Waivers

Some CCC students qualify for tuition waivers                          
Undocumented Stud​​ents                     
See our Undocumented Student Resources page for information specific to your situation. ​                                        

City Colleges of Chicago - Chicago Housing Authority Par​tners in Education Program

Through a partnership between the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC), CHA residents and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program participants are eligible for quality training and educational opportunities at low or no cost.                                                

Visit the Partners in Education​ page for more information regarding program requirements and how to get started.                                       



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